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Oct 30, 2008 02:55 PM

Terrible attitude at Quattro S Beach

I made res for Halloween thru my VIP Open table acct and specifically requested outdoor seating. I included my cell and asked they contact me if this was not possible so I could make other plans as I have people in town that want to dine and watch costumed passer-byers.

I happen to be on Lincoln Rd and stopped in to confirm my res (last Sunday) and was told by the Maitre'd that outside (40 tables or so) were for friends of the owner only. He offered a window table for 6 so we could see out.

2 days later i got a call w/ more attitude saying outdoor (as per my original request) was unavailable to the "public" and I mentioned that I had stopped in spoken to a specific person and that HE offered window table. She proceeded to rudely tell me that i could not pick a table and that she would not guarantee anything and that we'd get what was available regardless of what I had been told.

I understand the owner wanting to host his friends, but out of courtesy for patrons, this should either be kept quiet (so as to not offend) or posted upfront so that people like myself who have been there more than once, have people in town, make a reservation and later find its too late to get a table at other locations and that they cannot accomodate.

Wonder if they would have this attitude w/ locals mid July/ Aug when the tourists are not here for "season"!?

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  1. You could have any table you want eight months out of the year.

    1. As Will Smith said, "Welcome to Miami. Buenvenidos a Miami."

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        "Bienvenidos a Miami".

        Maybe the owner can have his friends come over the 364 other days of the year too to keep him in business. Last year we went with no reservations anywhere and ended up at the Hofbrau. The food was horrible (curry sauce was ketchup and curry powder which, I found out, is apparently authentic) but it was so hokey and bad that we had a blast (the beersteins obviously helped)

        1. re: lax2mia

          just noticed the spelling error. In my defense I cut and pasted from a lyrics site!

          I absolutely loathe Hofbrau. Most disgusting food Ive had on Lincoln Road by far. Spaetzle was god awful and my dish had very little meat in it and tons of some disgusting sauce. I have friends who loved this place for awhile which blew my mind. I think it was just from a beer/brat perspective.

          1. re: Blind Mind

            Even the pretzels were awful at this place but it was one of those times when the situation was so bad that we had a blast.

            Walking by Quattro tonight I may just "accidentally" run into a table or three.

      2. I agree with you on the service. We went while in Sobe a few months ago and one of the diners with us has allergies and requested a different sauce on the meal she wanted ( a sauce that was on many other entrees). She was told the chef does not change his menu for anyone and our table could pay for our drinks and leave if this was a problem. The food that we did have was not so great and not worth the attitude.