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Oct 30, 2008 02:48 PM

indonesian or malaysian, 8th ave bkln chinatown

a friend told me that there was either a Malaysian or Indonesian restaurant (can't remember which) across the street from Nyonya in Brooklyn's 8th Avenue Chinatown, that she recommends more than Nyonya in that neighborhood.

does anyone know what restaurant she may have been referring to? any comments?


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  1. There is a Redang Island on the W side of 8th around 51st street - she is probably referring to that. I was not real impressed on my one visit, but then I may not have hit their specialties.Id be glad for another report

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    1. re: jen kalb

      thanks jen. Redang is near 51st Street and Nyonya is around 54th street i think...but i think my friends said the restaurant they were talking about was directly across the street from Nyonya...

      does anyone else have any ideas? we'll probably just go there and check it out ourselves, but i am still waiting for my friend to get back to me. anyone else know?


      1. re: korgy

        i thought i had reported back here... anyway, it was indeed Redang Island -- we had a good experience here and will go back.

        we had some spicy clam thing in the shells and some Malaysian thing with string beans (sorry can;t remember the names), and also got several rotis with curry dipping sauce. our friend got the mee goreng, which is quite different from teh Mee Goreng we have had elsewhere.

    2. It's possible your friend was referring to San Ma (formerly Sun Ky), a Malaysian restaurant at 5918 Eighth Ave. A couple who I met at the Malaysian Mission's Bazaar Hari Raya...

      ...especially recommended the seafood scrambled egg, the curry stuffed combo (without noodles), and the marmite spare ribs.

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      1. re: DaveCook

        maybe its changed hands and improved, everything Ive had in the past (Iits been several years) at Sun Ky has been terrible. - but thats a long way away from Nyonya.