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Oct 30, 2008 02:44 PM

Best Coffee Thermos?

I'm looking to break my Starbucks habit, and am looking for a slim, tight-sealing thermos to tote on the subway every day. Does anyone have any favorites? Portability is key. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    1. re: UnConundrum

      Nissan backpack thermos.
      I own 2 of these !

    2. I sell a lot of Zojirushis. They are great and keep things hot for a long time.

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      1. re: Candy

        The thing I like about the nissan, is that the flip lid is easy *on/off* , and it never leaks. Spout is good so that it's no too much liquid nor not too little.

        Prior on deciding on the Nissan backpack model, we looked at Siggs and Zojirushis , but I think designwise, the Nissan is the perfect fit for a go getter.

      2. As the self-proclaimed Queen of commuter coffee (and I can claim this since I have lugged a coffee mug for over 25 years so that I didn't have to get to the train/car/ etc. earlier in order to buy coffee), I would suggest going right back to Starbucks and buying one of their mugs. The one you want has a metal lining, not plastic, and it has a lid that screws on and snaps closed so that you don't get leaks and it won't pop off. Get one with a narrow enough base to fit in your car's cup holder if you drive. This model cannot go in the dishwasher, but the lid can. It only takes a minute to wash and leave out for the next morning. I have tried nearly every kind of coffee mug, from the Bucks County coffee plastic kind (also found at Einstein bagels) to the cheap freebies given out at the football games, to the expensive Starbucks that have plastic liners and NONE of these beats the metal liner. About the only thing I wish I could do is put it in the dishwasher, but it really is not a big deal. If you have to, wash the lid in the dishwasher and handwash the mug.

        If you take the train, pack an extra plastic grocery bag with a paper towel, and simply put the mug in there when you are done (pour out extra coffee if any is leftover). Put the paper towel in the mug, and it will discourage little coffee drips while commuting. Once, when a woman saw me tucking my mug into a plastic bag, and then my travel bag, she nearly lept out of her seat to shout about what a great idea it was. I thought it was a little funny because it seems so obvious.

        My Starbucks mug can hold coffee or tea hot for at least a couple of hours if you leave the lid closed.

        1. i also like nissan, it's a good choice

          1. Nissan Thermoses are definitely top of the line and I have had mine for almost 10 years. I saw the whole line for sale at:

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