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Oct 30, 2008 02:37 PM

Korean Catering in East Bay

My husband and I are adopting a baby from Korea and our parents are throwing a shower/lunch. I would like to have the even (40 people) catered by a Korean caterer, and am wondering if anyone knows of someone who does this (and delivers).
We live in Walnut Creek.
I am thinking Jap Chae, various kimchi, etc. Other things that could be served room temperatue, or other ideas? This is right after Thanksigiving, so I think food isn't going to be the center of everyone's mind.
Thank you in advance!

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  1. i just had my son's 2 year old birthday party catered by koreana plaza in oakland. we ordered the japchae, kimbop, mandoo, and panfried krabcakes, fish, and zucchini platter. it was for 30 people and cost $110. they don't have a menu online so you'd have to go to the store and order or give them a call but i think you might have to speak korea. good luck and congrats on the new baby!

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      No need to speak korean, although I'm sure that helps. They have pictures and prices over the refrigerated food area of the banquet food you can order.

    2. It kind of depends on just what you need. If you need full service or if you're willing to pick up the food. Many restaurants do "catering" in the sense of preparing large amounts for parties. If I were you I would call several Korean restaurants and ask them. If they do not do what you need, ask them who does. They probably know of someone. Get references for the one you select. If it's (also) a restaurant, go there unannounced and try their food.

      There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Dublin and Pleasanton. Yelp will list them concisely. That's only around 20 minutes from W.C.

      Koreana is the only one I've been to in W.C. It's decent.