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Anyone have a recommendation for a Jewish Deli in MSP??

I am in Florida and we brought in food from a Jewish Deli. I forgot how good cold cuts could be!! Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. What area are you in? If you are near St. Louis Park (near Lake Calhoun) there is a Jewish Market & Deli called Fishman's Kosher Market & Deli. They have alot of good stuff there. Also there are Kosher meats at Byerly's (upper scale grocery chain) which are very good.

    Fishman's Delicatessen and Bakery
    4100 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

    3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

    1. I'd like to say Bernie's or the Lincoln Del on West Lake Street in St. Louis Park but alas they are long gone. :(

      1. You should probably try Cecill's in St. Paul's Highland Park area next door to St. Kate's. I usually go there to dine in (best Reuben in town, perhaps) but they seem to have nice selection of cold cuts, fresh baked breads,etc.


        They seem

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          I second the Cecil's rec. Personally I can't go there without getting the Monte Cohen and a chocolate shake. Yumilicious! Furthermore, I literally have to buy all the reuben acoutrements (bread, cheese, corned beef) from Cecil's prior to any 7-hour trip back to ND to visit my family. That's how much my parents LOVE Cecil's too!

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            I third Cecil's! Best Jewish rye around. And the bagels. Oy! The bagels!

        2. Having eaten in the field for much of my childhood, and having managed and opened a real deal Jewish Deli, here's my take.

          Right now I would rate the TC Jewish(esque) Delis like this in terms of product:
          1) Brothers (6th and Nicollet, Skwyay level)
          2) Cecil's
          3) Pastrami Jacks
          4) Crossroads

          That's really all there are in this town. Be'wiched, while quite good, is something different.

          However, it is my belief that when it officially opens (on Monday, BTW) Mort's Deli in Golden Valley will shoot to the top of that list immediately. I just hope they get it right and that they last.

          1. I actually live in Hudson WI but we go to the cities often enough. Cecil's in St Paul would be closest so I am glad to hear it is delish!!!

            1. Argh. I swore off Jewish deli discussions. But to clarify, we're really talking about two different things -- you mention cold cuts. Are you looking for a deli source for cold cuts or are you looking for them already prepared in restaurant form?

              For retail cold cuts, if you really need "Jewish" or kosher, you have to go to Fishman's or Byerlys in St. Louis Park. Those are, I think, the only kosher deli cases in town.

              Otherwise, go to Kramarczuk's, which is clearly not Jewish, but is going to offer a more unique cold cut selection than just Byerly's or Kowalski's.

              If you're talking about restaurants, I would say "please don't". Our local places claiming to be Jewish-style (especially Cecil's) will be a major disappointment if you are measuring against Florida with its healthy NYC ex-pat crowd. It's fine, and maybe even unique, for those without the frame of reference you're getting, but for lovers of the Jewish deli genre, it's an abomination. It's like posting from China, saying you're experiencing a revelation, and having a local send you to Panda Express to get your fix here.

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                Desertgirl I am afraid MSPD (and me! haha) are right about this one . If you are really looking for kosher cold cuts because of religious reasons or otherwise you really will be happy making the trek to St. Louis Park. There is a reason it's nickname is St. Jewish Park. If you are not bound by that then you could hit up a one of the Jewish-style places. I am not an expert or even Jewish for that matter BUT I have been to many a Jewish Deli in NYC and these two places are the only ones I have found that come close to the same quality. I am hopefull that Mort's will compare but also after reading the small blog and few writeups about it not so sure it will.

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                  MSPD is basically correct. Anyone who has lived in a city with a real Jewish deli knows that the Twin Cities just doesn't have anything comparable to offer. From that perspective, these are your options:

                  1. If you need to shop for kosher foods, Fishman's and Byerly's in St. Louis Park are your choices. Fishman's is a purely kosher grocery store. They also have a deli counter where you can get to-go sandwiches, soups, and prepared foods. They cater, too. Byerly's is a local upscale supermarket. The St. Louis Park branch has a large kosher section, including a kosher butcher.

                  2. If you're looking for a sit-down restaurant experience, a few of the places mentioned will scratch a bit of your itch. Cecil's, Pastrami Jack's, Brother's, and the Crossroads Deli all offer some basics, like corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and matzoh ball soup. None has an extensive a menu as you'd find in a real Jewish deli.

                  3. If you're looking for a great deli counter, we just don't have one. Fishman's, Cecil's, Pastrami Jack's, and Crossroad Deli all have small deli counters, where you can get some take-away cold cuts, breads, prepared salads, and the like. Fishman's and Cecil's are the most extensive in that regard, but again, the selection is going to be quite limited compared to what you're used to.

                  Good luck!

                  P.S. Regarding Mort's Deli, this place has not yet opened, but I have seen g_rote vigorously promoting it here and on other websites. It's good to be aware of what's coming, but I am cautious, because I assume g_rote has some relationship with the new place's owners.

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                    As a Jewish ex-Brooklynite, I just want to chime in and say I think that we're collectively being a little harsh on Cecil's and Fishman's. Great, they are not - they won't be in contention for world champion. But I have had some really comforting and pleasant meals at Cecil's in particular, and I really dig the chopped liver at Fishman's. Dismiss them out of hand and you miss some nice experiences. Also, big thumbs up for the date hamentashen at Cecil's.

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                      Full Disclosure...the guys who own Mort's offered me a free bagel for catching a typo on their blog...but I have never met any of them. I'm simply excited about the prospects of Mort's meeting my 2 biggest unmet foodie needs...a good independent restaurant in my neighborhood AND a good Jewish Deli in the Twin Cities (both loooooonnng overdue)

                      BTW, I popped in tonight and grabbed a menu in advance of tomorrow's opening...corned beef sandwiches are $12.99 full $9.99 half, and they've got tongue, brisket 2 ways (smoked or mustard), chicken in the pot and some other classic deli items.

                    2. re: MSPD

                      Ahaha I couldn't agree more about the panda express thing. I gave Cecil's three chances and while the food was *pretty good* the guy that works there, must be a manager or something, just made each experience awful. The way he treated the busgirls(?) was just inhumane, that place is strange, my guests all agreed. After searching for a decent deli in the cities and coming up empty handed I've just started making my own corned beef. Though, after reading this thread I'll have to try Morts, It would be nice to not have that cambro in my fridge 3 weeks out of the month... Oh and fishmans is really quite good and they are very understanding when a goy comes in, the way the delicatessin explained that they "don't do that" when my girlfriend asked for cheese on her pastrami was priceless.

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                        *just* on pastrami, unrelated to the rest of the discussion, (& props to MSPD's position)-- i think we should mention the pastrami sandwich at b' witched. pretty durn good.

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                        I agree with this. It's an abomination. If someone is really looking for a good deli in the Twin Cities their best bet is to save up their money and take a trip to a city with good delis.

                      3. Cecils in highland park hands down

                        1. While desertgirl is probably correct about Cecils (i grew up in Highland eating there), The Brothers Deli downtown is a fair deli example. I would challenge desertgirl to go downtown and get a pastrami sandwhich there and if they have it the Carnegie deli cheescake. Their pickles are fabulous as well.

                          1. whatever happened to Shelley's Woodroast...???

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                              It closed several years ago and Shel passed away earlier this year.

                            2. Check out MORT'S DELICATESSEN....opened the beginning of November and they have all the favorites....including the famous, Carnegie Corned Beef and Pastrami-14oz sandwiches, cheesecake and knish. The breads are originals recipes that are baked freshly with the help of a well-known local bakery, bagels baked daily from H&H in NYC. Pickles from Brooklyn NY and hand crafted, daily made in small batches-potato salad, chopped chicken liver, coleslaw, just to name a few!
                              Best Bet.

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                                Just one opinion; but I'm not a huge fan of the carnegie deli type sandwich where you have 3 inches of meat. Its just too much meat to bread ration. And H&H has great bagel, but I'd take even a brueggers fresh over a day old H&H.

                                I love deli food, so i will check out morts tho.

                              2. I've been to Morts quite a few times, and I think they're the pinnacle of the MN deli scene. I know the cecil's is good, but Mort's is better. They get their pastrami and corned beef, along with their cheesecake straight from carnegie deli in NYC. With each sandwich getting 14 oz of meat, and cheesecake at 1 lb per slice (for around $5.50) they just give the best bang for the buck.

                                Also: their desserts are secretly their mainstay; they have a plethora of glorious cakes and goodies. Seriously check them out if you want to see what a real MN deli should be!

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                                  "As a Jewish ex-Brooklynite, I just want to chime in and say I think that we're collectively being a little harsh on Cecil's and Fishman's. Great, they are not - they won't be in contention for world champion. But I have had some really comforting and pleasant meals at Cecil's in particular, and I really dig the chopped liver at Fishman's. Dismiss them out of hand and you miss some nice experiences. Also, big thumbs up for the date hamentashen at Cecil's."

                                  Thank you for being the voice of reason. They may not be the Second Ave. Deli (but then again, who really wants a $20 sandwich that you can't eat in three sitting?), but they are also not the equivalent of Panda Express in Beijing. Brother's is probably my fav, followed by Cecil's.

                                2. I've been less impressed than others with Mort's. I keep trying since it's so close to my office.


                                  1. Hey there- only ONE YEAR late- wanted to know how you like Cecil's. I grew up on it, and I also live in Hudson now. It's the only Jewish Deli that's worth the trip for me. (I am going there tonight to pick up hamantashen.)