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Oct 30, 2008 01:29 PM

In search of delicious banana milkshake, DC or Bmore

subject pretty much sums it up... ill go pretty much anywhere.


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  1. i like the banana shakes at Potbelly, nothing fancy, but one of the few places where I can get one.

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    1. re: bee122

      Agreed. I like to get chocolate-banana malts.

      1. re: Culocho

        thanks, might have to hit potbelly's

    2. I'm not a banana fan but all the shakes at Daily Scoop in Pasadena are great. Just call ahead and see if they have banana that day. Ice cream is all homemade and they have like 15-20 different flavors at a time.

      1. Luckie's Tavern at Power Plant Live advertises a Banana Milkshake. I've only had the strawberry one, but it was really good.

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        1. If your ever in the Westover neighborhood in North Arlington (rt. 29) go to Lost Dog. The chocolate banana malt is awesome!! And I think their pizza is some of the best in the area. Get the Sardegna to go with your banana shake.

          Lost Dog Cafe
          Arlington , VA, Arlington, VA

          1. Is it wrong to suggest Checker's? Granted, they're not "real" banana shakes... more like "fake" banana shakes, but I like them.