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Oct 30, 2008 01:20 PM

Romantic restaurants for anniversary dinner in Silicon Valley?

I am looking for a romantic restaurant to take my husband for our anniversary. It can be anywhere is Silicon Valley (Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, etc...).
I like the idea of a "tasting menu" with wine pairings....but any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have already been to: La Fondue, The Basin, The Wine Cellar, La Foret, maybe something different. Thanks!

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  1. Any suggestions would be helpful!!!! Thanks!

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    1. re: sacabeans

      A 3rd on Manresa and a 2nd on Chez TJ.

      Manresa will have the more exciting menu and is a nice place, Chez TJ more intimate.

    2. Chez TJ or Manresa are obvious choices for a tasting menu. as an update on chez tj we went with friends a few weeks ago. While, I liked it better under the former chef, it was good overall. The quail pie stood out, as did the fish dishes as excellent. The fois gras, veggie dishes and beef dishes were good, but less exciting to me. The desserts were a cut less than the last pastry chef, IMO. Overall a very nice experience, and it is a nice intimate atmosphere.

      Evvia, Tamarine are classic special occasion restaurants as well. Village Pub in Woodside - another option.

      1. You should also check out James Randall and Trevese. Second the recommendation for Manresa - it's a great experience.

        1. One more vote for Manresa. Also Travese is very nice. Good to hear about the recovery at Chez TJ. Please add a report if you go there.