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please help: french, affordable, romantic, authentic

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our one meal alone in the city, eating with a group the other nights. thanks!

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  1. Look into Le Gigot (put title:gigot in the search box). How much would you like to spend for the two of you?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      thank you...prefer to be under $250

      1. re: rion

        Le Gigot is lovely and you can get out for far less than that for 2 people. Be aware that the eating is a little cramped, though.

      2. re: MMRuth

        Bingo -- this was always one of my go-to reasonable and romantic places. Someone (guttergourmet?) just posted a review saying it's still going strong.

        1. re: italianagambino

          I've only been to L'Absinthe once, but found it a little over priced for the quality of the food. Any particular dishes you like there?

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            i had an amazing dinner there once. the truffle poached chicken was seriously phenomenal.

        2. No question....Le Bateau Ivre...awesome food, affordable menu and wine list....treat you like family.

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            Le Bateu Ivre is not in any way romantic, IMHO.

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              I agree...and there's a corner booth that is pretty cozy. if sharing mussels is your idea of romance, it's great!

            2. Gascogne, 8th and 18th Street.

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                I love both Gascogne and Le Gigot for romantic and excellent food! Take your pick.

              2. Marseille (44th & 9th) the food is better than it has to be


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                  We like Marseille and have eaten there several times, but I wouldn't call it "romantic".

                  Add my vote for Le Gigot to satisfy the OP's criteria.

                2. Capsuoto Freres.Make sure you order dessert souff├ęs!

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                  1. re: Sommelier

                    Wouldn't necessarily say that Capsuto Freres is particularly romantic -- interesting and attractive, perhaps, but not so cozy. Le Gigot definitely gets my vote.

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                      I love Capsouto, but wouldn't call it especially romantic. It is, however, great food at an excellent price, and exemplary service.

                      1. le gigot is very cute, but the seating is so close together, i find it really hard to just focus on my SO, there. (too much uninentional eavesdropping going on.)

                        ouest is about the same price, the food is better, IMO, and seating not as tight.

                        ouest isn't overtly romantic -- it's more comfortable / classy neighborhood bistro than date central -- but if you get a booth and enjoy your senses, the good smell of the fresh baked baguettes for the table, the delicious food, the comfortable, low-key atm, and you take your time, i think it can be deeply romantic. it's really just a relaxed, comfortable place with very good, sometimes even amazingly good, food.

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                          One of the plusses for Capsouto Freres is that the seating is spacious: the people at the next table won't be able to listen in on whatever sweet nothings you're whispering into that special person's ear.

                        2. Jean Claude, 137 Sullivan.

                          1. I think Le Gigot fits the bill quite nicely. It's quite small, though, so I suggest you make a reservation.

                            1. My wife and I end up at Cosette whenever we're looking for: French; affordable; romantic and authentic. Very cozy warm atmosphere on 33rd st near 3rd.

                              FYI it's BYO at the moment because of a paperwork error.

                              1. I second Le Gigot.... might add Jarnac and, believe it or not, L'Ecole.

                                1. Marsielle can be very touristy since it's in the theater district