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Oct 30, 2008 12:46 PM

Breakfast Meeting Location for 10-20 Sr Execs - help!


I need a place to host 10-20 (clients) senior execs (CEOs & VPs) for a 2hr breakfast meeting we're hosting in a few weeks. Instead of a standard conference room set-up, I'm looking for a private meeting/dining room at a nice restaurant, since we’ll be having a guest speaker and looking to keep it intimate & interactive.

Ideally a sit down breakfast (which is served), or possibly a nice buffet set-up could also work. Location of venue can be anywhere in Financial District/Downtown/Midtown. Nothing too expensive, but somewhere with a professional, polished appeal with good food. I looked into the World Bar at the UN, but they have a minimum of $2,500 catering plus a meeting room charge. I would like to keep it $25-75pp if possible.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For financial district: Bull Run on William Street does an amazing job. I highly recommend them. Another idea is Church & Dey in the Mil. Hilton on Church Street.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions so far, the execs are all senior guys with big financial firms, and the host is a reputable business book author, so I should probably up my per person rage to $50-100pp for breakfast in a private/meeting room -- since we'll need a little cache to the place, but still reasonable.

        Macelleria is great, but the fact that they're in the Meatpacking District won't be too appealing (unfortunately). I can't seem to find much on Church & Dey and I'll look into Bull Run.

        Please let me know if there are any other higher-end suggestions. Thanks!

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          Another idea downtown is City Hall which is very elegant and does a great breakfast. In midtown, you might consider the Regency, Norma's (not sure about private space there, but maybe) or Lever House. Church & Dey is part of the Millennium Hilton, so you might have more luck going through the hotel.

        2. Have you looked into hotels that have nice restaurants attached to them? I once went to an event set up at the London where we had a private room in one of the hotel's event rooms, and the food was from Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. I'd imagine they'd set up something similar for breakfast, although it's probably going to be pretty expensive. Other similar places that come into mind in midtown are Le Parker Meridien / Norma's and Chambers Hotel / Town.

          1. Did you consider the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Battery Park? They do have private rooms, as far as what I know.

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              I actually have had corporate business breakfast at Ritz Carlton and they did a fine job. The food wasn't mind-blowing but decently enough and you can everything you want. Service, which I found to be probably more important in cases like this, was top-notch. They have plenty of conference rooms in any size you want for private meetings.