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So, Tell Me About Rahway Dining

I'm moving to Rahway in a few weeks from the Westfield area. The only restaurant I know well is David Drake and I certainly can't afford to be eating there regularly!

I'm trying to find out about casual fare, local gems in town. Even where locals go to shop for groceries (which I know is not the purpose of this board, but I figured I would ask anyway). Any price range.

Walkable, is preferable as I'll be living literally a stones throw from the train station. I like the idea of leaving my car in the parking lot of my apartment building and becoming an actual member of the city.

Any ideas?

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  1. I work in Rahway, but don't really eat there all that much. A new Italian restaurant, Luciano's, has gotten good reviews. They are on Main St. Flynn's, also on Main, is an Irish Pub serving very good steaks. Right across the street is Nancy's Townhouse. They make excellent thin crust pizza. On Cherry Street is Rahway Luncheonette. An old time luncheonette that has been in business since the 1920's. I travel all over sampling hot dogs and they make a very good one here. A natural casing all beef Hatfield dog prepared on a griddle and topped with a tasty chili. This place also is a popular breakfast spot.

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      Have been to Flynns several times since I originally posted this. Really love this place and for the most part, it's been pretty good, to great for what it is.

      The Shepards Pie is excellent, maybe the best I've ever had. Bangers and Mash, very good. Incredibly good onion soup and onion rings to die for. Decent chicken wings (not your typical atomic wings, but they suffice when you have a hankering for a hot wing). The only misstep thus far was the fish and chips which my BF ordered one afternoon; fish was "mushy" and the entire thing overbattered.

      We love the feel of the place, just a nice comfortable restaurant to be able to call our "local favorite" at the moment, as they've gotten used to seeing our face there by now having a meal and a Bass and Guiness at the end of the bar :)

      Also was at the Rahway Luncheonette yesterday on Cherry Street. What a throwback to another time! Excellent grilled cheese with bacon the way you expect it to taste, better than decent burger and good fries. Price was right and very friendly service. Not the kind of place to find peace and quiet, as everyone knows each other and you get sucked into the conversations, but I kind of enjoyed this and will be coming back here. Sadly, the Owner mentioned they are looking to retire now and it will be interesting to see what happens when new owners get their hands on this gem. Can't wait to try the dogs :)

    2. Firehouse Pub on St. Georges Ave..The Rahway version of Cheers..

      1. Beana's (sp?) is a nice little Mexican joint with great food and I believe it's BYOB too. It's on St. George's Ave. in the same neighborhood as Firehouse Pub.

        Also, the Galaxy Diner is a classic.

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          Been to Beana's a couple of times- not impressed at all. Mediocre mexican at best.

          I'll try the Galaxy tho, always looking for a good diner.

        2. Thanks for all the replies. I've been down and out for the count with a bad cold and just remembered to take a look here. I'll be sure to jot these all down and report back when I get to them. Still waiting to hear if the apartment is mine tho - landlord is being a pain - grrr.

          1. Galaxy Diner is not a real diner anymore. They close at 1am on weekdays and 3am on weekends. Plus their food is overpriced and not very good.

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              I agree on the Galaxy. There's a Stewarts right by the Galaxy.. Stas' is right in the general vicinity as well. It's a polish lunch counter type place. Good paczki (polish style dougnuts) and big sanwiches.. Wish the Soup Store was still in Rahway. I miss that place..

              There's a phillipino place in the strip mall on 27 just south of the galaxy if you want to get adventurous. I haven't been in there in a while but last I was they had a lunch buffet every day.

              I think Carmine's luncheonette is a really good value over on East Elizabeth. Agree with the Nancy's Townhouse for pizza. I reccomend eating it there over take out.. The crust is so thin it doesn't travel well. There's another pizza place called Ted's. It's a little hole in the wall place next to a gas station at the corner of West Grand and Whittier St.

              West Grand also has Pierogi Palace a little closer to St George.. Place looks like it hasn't changed since the 40's but I think the pierogi are pretty darn good. They're large sized and they give you a good amount for a fair price. Nunzio's II opened up over there (in the old frank n' fries place I think) as well as another luncheonette but I haven't tried either yet.

              There's also a place called Bill's BBQ in carteret that's right on Roosevelt. maybe 7 minutes from the train station. The place used to be a Stewarts and looks pretty scrappy but they make some good food. It's not a smoked bbq joint. More like a lunch counter that does breakfast as well. Haven't been there in a while but I remember I liked it.

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                Checked out the luncheonette on West Grant. It's called Ming's. I went looking for soup. They didn't have any. The menu on the wall was mostly eggs and sandwiches.

                Instead I went to Nunzio's II for a two slices. Pretty good pizza. Nothing I'd go out of my for but it seems like a good neighborhood place. Haven't been to Ted's in a while but I think I'll go back soon to compare. I went right when it opened so I had slices from the first pie of the day. I'm no expert but they seem to use olive oil in the dough. It's a thinner crust on the bottom with some decent crisp on the edges. I'll eat there again and it's close to my home so I'm going to try their delivery and see how it holds up to a littlle travel. I think i'd like it even more if I ordered it well done. The guy making the pie may have rushed it a little as he knew I was waiting for it.

            2. So, have also been, in addition to the others I mentioned above to Cubano for lunch the other day. This, was a bit of a half and half story; food good but service abysmal.

              We arrived and apparently the health inspector was in the kitchen. We were not informed of this, until at least 20 minutes into waiting for our food when the waiter (Owner?) came out to apologize for the lateness of our appetizers and explained what was going on. He then said said food would be comped (that, was very nice of him) and would be out "shortly".

              We waited a while long, finally the seafood fritters arrived. Very good, but he forgot the sauce. Waited for the sauce as the fritters cooled. Sauce arrived, nice lime tang to it and we decided to ignore said delays and enjoy the appetizer - which was quite delicious.

              Also, I had asked for plain iced tea. Sweet tea was served regardless with an explanation that no plain tea was available. Why this wasn't said to me when I ordered it is a mystery since it was obviously known in advance. Was taken away, and remained on the bill at the end, which I had to point out.

              Our meals finally arrived 45 minutes later. This was ridiculous because it was a) lunch and late lunch at that; b) nobody else was in the restaurant by the!

              Both of us had steak with fries but prepared differently and different cuts. Both, were excellent and cooked perfectly although mine was a bit on the cool side (again, odd since nobody was there to keep the food waiting from coming out). We once again, had to put aside some annoyances because of the meal pleasing us so much.

              All in all, we decided to give Cubano another try some other day/night. The food being too good to not call this poor service a fluke (we hope).

              Also, ordered pizza from Michalina's - sausage and black olive. Decent, not fantastic. I'll have to keep searching out for better when it comes to a pie :(