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Oct 30, 2008 12:09 PM

Beachside Grill?

I just got a takeout menu in the mail from this spot on Queen St E at Woodbine and I cant picture it in my head. The menu looks good (for an all day breakfast kind of place) with pretty good prices. Has anyone been? And if so, is it worth checking out? Is it clean inside? Food good enough for a lazy Sunday? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Seriously, do not go. My husband and I went for brekkie about a month ago hoping that it would be a change of pace from the usual along Queen St. and it was a rip off. Very small portions even if the prices are reasonable. For the $9 bucks for Eggs Benny and the like, you are way better off trekking to the Beacher a few blocks down and getting a decent order. Even Sunset Grill is better than the Beachside Grill -- sorry to dash your hopes.

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      Thanks so much for the reply, I would consume alot of extra calories tomorrow morning for a bad meal. I'll stick to my normal brunch spots.

      1. re: hungryabbey

        I have to disagree somewhat with the previous comment about portion sizes at the Beachside. I consistently order the egg white frittata (I don’t care for egg yolks) with ham & cheddar and have not been disappointed with the portion size. With the egg white substitution it runs about $9. For the record I’m 6’ 1’’ and about 210 lbs and have quite a healthy appetite. After getting through the frittata, whole wheat toast & home fries, I am personally quite full……and satisfied. Have I had a better frittata? Yes, but the Beachside makes a decent frittata.

        I would agree that Sunset Grill is very consistent and most items on the menu are very good but the popularity of The Beacher to me has always been a mystery as I’m not sure what folks see in that restaurant…..unless very bland food in a pretentious atmosphere floats your boat.

        1. re: TheBluenote

          I agree with Bluenote. The place is not a destination by any stretch of the imagination, but I have never had a problem with portion sizes nor quality. Personally, I'd take it over the Beacher.

          1. re: Kasumeat

            hm thanks for the other opinions.. I might try it after all then.

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