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Oct 30, 2008 11:55 AM

great food and decent prices for birthday dinner

I would appreciate any recommendations for a restaurant with a really good food (quite flexible with menus, other thant probably grills or other meat intensive places) and cute for a birthday party of 10+ people. ideally, it would need to fit most budgets, but to be fun for those used to having extra budget.
Thank you very much for the ideas!

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  1. What type of cuisines? Neighborhood? Is small plates OK? Any dietary restrictions? Vegetarians? Non-red-meaters? Define your budget in terms of tax, tip, any expected beverages, and if people will be expected to chip in for the birthday guy/gal's meal as well, which can drive up the cost.

    Your request is too vague overall.

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      thanks. no restrictions on cuisine or diet. any place in Manhattan would be great! budget 30-60 per person (including drinks). thanks again

    2. Your group size is perfect for Alta's the whole sha-bang. It's one of very tapa on the menu about $350 if I remember correctly. Lots of fun an really good food.

      64 W 10th St, New York, NY 10011

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      1. I like Alta but found the food still expensive for their portions. Cripso is great for what you are looking for. The food is consistently good and decent priced (along wtih portions) and you can be seated at the large table in the backroom.

        1. I don't know how i could have forgotten but down near LES/Chinatown there is this amazing Venetian Italian tapas place called Bacaro. It is to die for the food is so good. For parties of 8 or more you can get one of their private rooms downstairs (which is like some romantic wine cellar) and you get ALL THIS FOOD for like $50 a head -- it's like 4 courses with three dishes PER course. For an additional $15 a head you can get unlimited wine/drinks each hour.

          It is delicious, my guests had so much fun and the money is so worth it.
          I had my bday dinner there this past August and had the best time!

          1. i love alta too, but i agree i think it can be pricey and portions can be small, although i've never ordered the full menu special...

            i would suggest:
            - le souk - fun, moroccan in a cave-like atmosphere
            - antique garage - mismatched furniture, live music on some nights and the best mediterranean food in the city - ask for the upstairs for your party of 10
            - lima's taste - dark, hole-in-the-wall (but not dirty or grungy), family-owned and run. delicious peruvian food, lots of good ceviches and killer paella. amazing sangria
            - blue ribbon bakery is always great and falls within your price range. plus they take reservations for large parties. a little glitz, cute waiters, fun atmosphere and food

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              When we ordered the whole menu it was like a food orgy. Plenty for the 10 of us. Much did not get eaten, we were way too full.