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Oct 30, 2008 11:22 AM

No Corkage Fees

Looking for restaurants [dinner service, med. price range] in Orange County and or Long Beach that do not charge corkage Fees. the few that I know are: Houstons, Blacksheep, Cafe R&D, Pinot Providence and Gulfstream.

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  1. OC/LB outside my area, but same principle applies: as the economy continues downslope, more and more restaurants are waving corkage. Or at least that's my experience. Only caveat: you need to ask. More often than not they'll waive it.

    1. try links below listings of no-corkage or sorta no-corkage fees. Looks like Lasher's in L.B. is a sorta...Memphis and Melting Pot various OC locations.

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      1. re: Local

        Memphis has a no-corkage night once a week, the other nights it's around $5-10

      2. Mimi's only charges $1. These days, that very reasonable

        1. All of the Hillstone Group restaurants (Houston's, Bandera, Cafe R&D and Gulfstream) waive corkage, and many (but not all) Patina Group restaurants (including Pinot Provence) waive corkage. Otherwise, it's notable that many restaurants will waive corkage if you bring a nice bottle, and offer a taste to your server.

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            Just called Patina about corkage and it is $30 for a regular-sized bottle.

            1. re: scurvy

              Heres a partial list from a robert parker board thread

              This first post updated to include updates as of *11/09/07*

              2117 - West LA $10
              Admiral Risty's in PV $12
              Allegrini - Silverlake $0.00
              Amuse Café $1 per person glass fee
              Angeli Caffe $10 per bottle
              Angelini Osteria $ 20 - waived for each bottle purchased off
              AOC $25 per bottle, waived if 2nd bottle purchased
              Asia de Cuba $40
              Avenue - Manhattan Bch $20;
              Balboa $20 per bottle (corkage is waived if a bottle is also bought) Sunday's their whole list is half price!
              Barnacles Bar & Grill - Southbay $0.00
              Benihana's, Torrance, Not Allowed
              bistro de la gare, south pasadena, $10 byo glasses as theirs are small
              Blair's $15.00
              Bluewater Grill - Southbay $10.00
              Blue Pacific $8;
              Brass Cap, $25
              Brentwood, $25
              Briganti, south pasadena: $15
              Buono Sera - Redondo $15
              Buona Vita - Southbay $0
              Cafe Bizou $2
              Cafe La Fornaretta (San Marino) $10
              Cafe Mimi -$15
              Cafe Piew - $0
              Campanile $20 per bottle
              Capo - $25
              Chart House - Malibu $20
              Chez Jay, Santa Monica - $10
              Chez Melange - Southbay; $15, $0 Tuesdays
              Chinois On Main $20 per 750ml
              Cicada, downtown LA, $15 (cannot be on their list)
              Ciudad $13 per bottle
              Cobras & Matadors - $0 if bottle bought next door??, otherwise $15, but byo glasses as theirs are very small
              Craft - $35
              Creme de la Crepe - Southbay $0.00
              Cucina Bene, $10
              CUT, Beverly Hills, $35
              Dan Tana $24 per bottle
              Fioretta Trattoria--BYOB is not allowed for groups smaller than 12
              Fraiche $15 1st bottle, $25 2nd bottle
              Frito Misto - Southbay $3
              Gio Cucina Napoletana, Encino $8
              Giorgio Baldi - Pac. Palisades Per Pete, BYOB not allowed
              Girasole on Larchmont has no corkage fee.
              Grace $15 per bottle provided it's not on the wine list; otherwise not allowed (no per table limit on personal cellar bottles if call in advance to let them know how many)
              Guelaguetza $4 per bottle
              Hatfield's $20-25 range per Walter's failing memory
              Hotel Bel Air $40
              Houston's, all locs: $0.00
              Il Capriccio - Los Feliz $5.00
              Il Grano - West L.A $30
              Il Moro $15
              Jackson's Village Bistro - Southbay $7.00
              James Beach,Venice, $12/btl (cannot be on their list)
              JAR ...$20 2 bottles limit
              Jiraffe - Santa Monica $20 per bottle
              Joe's ($20)
              Joe Greensleeves - Redlands - $12
              Josie - Santa Monica FREE on Mondays, 2 bottle max.. $20 per bottle, waived if 2nd bottle purchased;
              Kings for Fish $10
              La Botte, - Santa Monica No BYOB allowed
              La Buca $10.00
              La Cachette $25 per bottle; $1 on Sundays
              La Sosta - Hermosa Bch, $25
              La Terza $25
              Lawry's $10 per bottle
              Lilly's - Venice $20
              Literati 2 - Brentwood $15
              Little Door - $35 per bottle; $70 per magnum
              L'Opera Ristorante -Long Beach $15
              L'Orangerie CLOSED $25 per bottle, provided it's not on the wine list; otherwise
              Lucques $16.
              Marcello's, San Pedro $15
              Madame Matissee - Silverlake $0.00 (BYO stems)
              Maple Drive $15 per bottle (waived if second bottle is bought)
              Marouche $8.00
              Mastro's $25 per bottle
              Melisse - Santa Monica $30 per bottle, waived if 2nd bottle purchased
              Melting Pot (Pasadena, LA, OC) $15
              Metro Cafe - Culver City $0.00
              Mortons $25 per bottle.
              Mr. Chow's $25 per bottle
              Musso & Franks $3.50 per person (no matter how many bottles)
              Opaline CLOSED $12 per bottle
              Opus $20
              Orso $12 per bottle
              Osteria Mozza, on Highland, $20
              Parkway Grill $20 per bottle
              Patina $30 per bottle; $60 mag
              Petros, Manhattan Beach $15
              Piccolo Paradiso - Beverly Hills $15
              Pinot Chain (Pinot Bistro, Pinot Café, Pinot Hollywood (but *not* in Disney Hall) – $0.00
              Pizza Mozza on Melrose, $ 25 waived for every btl. Purchased
              Pizzicoto $8 per bottle
              Polo Club, Beverly Hills Hotel $50
              Prego $12 per bottle
              Providence $0 Mondays, $20 other nights
              Restaurant 2117 – $10
              Rock 'N Fish - Southbay $12 if not on list
              Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, Santa Monica - $25/bottle; max 2 btls
              Sasabune (sushi) - Brentwood $15
              Sona $30 per 750 ml, limited to 1 bottle per 2 guests; if wine is on wine list, not allowed
              Sor Tino - Brentwood $8
              Spago $25 per 750ml
              Sushi Central, Culver City, $0
              Sushi Nozawa: "We don't do that" (Shocker...)
              Table 8 - $0 on Mondays
              Tangerine $10 per bottle
              Tanino, Westwood, $20
              Taylors $10 per bottle
              Terra, Malibu, $12
              Teru Sushi, Studio City $8
              The Copper Room - San Pedro $10
              The Grill $15 per bottle
              the Crepe Vine, Oldtown Pasadena, $8
              The Ivy - Not allowed
              The Kitchen - $3.00
              The Press - Claremont - $8
              Totoraku Teriyaki House on Pico - $0
              Traxx, Union Station, $15
              Turner New Zealand - So. Coast Plaza $15
              Tutti Mangia - Claremont - $10
              Upstairs 2, West LA - $15 nice stems
              Valentino $30 per bottle
              Vert $14 per bottle
              Violet, Santa Monica $12
              Water Grill $20 per bottle
              Yujean Kang (Pasadena) $10
              Z Sushi $10
              Zelo Cornmeal Crust Pizza, Arcadia, $8.00

              Lastly, not a corkage "policy" per se, but for:
              Santa Monica & environs: a list of restaurants with $0.00 corkage if the wine is purchased at one local wine shop... see post #29 below
              for more go to

              1. re: sentient1

                Tons of closed places on this list, call first.

          2. Brand new and delicious in Long Beach: At Last Cafe, on Orange, just south of Broadway.