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Oct 30, 2008 11:12 AM

desperately seeking brussel sprout sandwich

i was riding the B63 a couple weeks ago, when the bus was filled with the unrecognizable scent of brussel sprouts. i looked up from my book and noticed the man across from me was eating a brussel sprout sandwich/sub. it looked and smelled wonderful and i deeply regret not asking this man where i, too, might find a brussel sprout sandwich. does anybody know?

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  1. This might sound outrageous but maybe it was homemade.

    1. Never heard of it, but am curious. What else was on it, besides the sprouts?

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        I once had a brussels sprouts sandwich from the deli on the corner of Clinton and Verandah (Verandah deli?) that was run by a French guy and is no longer there. It happened because I'd gone in for my usual sandwich of goat cheese and roasted assorted veggies, but he was out. he suggested the sprouts and some gruyere and I've been hooked since then.

        I make them myself now (haven't seen this combo elsewhere) and usually do: smoked turkey, honeycup brand honey mustard, and roasted sprouts. It's fantastic.

      2. Brussels Sprouts Reuben from No. 7 Sub?

        ( try it @ )

        No. 7
        7 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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          Interesting. When I make pernil ( pork shoulder dominican/P.R. style) I serve a B.S. side dish.
          Thick cut pancetta cut into small dice, roughly cut garlic & red onion sauteed in good olive oil.
          Steam the B.S. (cut in half) with a little cumin in the water for 3-4 minutes.
          Finish off in the saute pan.

        2. Not a sandwich but had brussel sprout bruschetta at the vegetarian restaurant at Eataly. It was practically a sandwich though as it was served on 2 hunks of bread. Not something I would normally get but it looked really good. Glad I tried it. Was a special on the day I went.