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Oct 30, 2008 11:07 AM

coconut cake in the triangle (NC)?

I want to get my mom a coconut cake for her birthday. The benchmark, by which I measure all others, version of this cake is from Hayes Barton Grill in Raleigh, where they make them make them in house. However that isn't an option for buying a whole cake for a couple of reasons...(1) I just called and they can't make me one for when I need general they don't do that but the owner sounded like they might have done, depending on when I needed it, (2) anyway, I don't need the 3 mile high, Goliath version of the cake that they make! Where else is is possible to get really good coconut cake, made from scratch, with fresh coconut, and really good, nongreasy icing/filling, etc...

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  1. Back in May i had the best Coconut cake at Watt's Grocery Restaurant in Durham but I'm not sure if the Chef makes whole cakes for sale.....a few weeks ago I stopped at Foster's market also in Durham for a slice of cake and it was delicious with lemon curd in the middle of layers of moist cake. Good Luck!

    1. This is so weird. For two days I have been in the process of trying to find a bakery to make a coconut cake for MY mom's birthday (which is how I came across your post)!!! Odd. Anyway, I don't have much help for you yet, but I am searching high and low. The first bakery I called said they don't normally make coconut cake but if they did it would be sponge cake with meringue icing???? I'm trying to think of a way we can keep in touch in case I find something or you do. I'm originally from Jersey and we had lots of great bakeries up there including a French bakery that had the best cake I've ever had or dreamed of having in my entire life. Anyway, if you find out anything, please post it here for me. I need it for Sun Nov 9th. If I find something, I'll post here too.
      Thanks!! Good Luck!

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        This is funny. My mom loves coconut cake too. We were in Weaver st. Market today and she showed me a white cake mix Dr. Oertker and then pointed to the beautiful coconut on the nearby shelf and said that would suit her for her birthday fine! You can even get fab lemon curd at Trader Joes. Thats what I'm going to do.

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          Yeah the problem for me is that this is a surprise party and i live with her. The party is several days before her birthday so it would be hard to whip up a cake 4 or 5 days too early and hide it. So I'll be buying. Plus there will be like 15 people there so I need something decent sized and don't want to worry about screwing the whole thing up. I'll still let you know if I find a good bakery so you'll have that info for next time.

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            Once in a Blue Moon Bakery in Cary has them listed on their web site. I have had good cake from there, but haven't tried the coconut.

            COSMIC COCONUT - White cake layered with apricot jam & coconut mousse, iced with vanilla buttercream & coconut.

            I'm sure they would let you customize your cake.


      2. If you strike out in the Triangle, there is a lady at the Greensboro Curb Market that makes a great coconut cake. She is at the market every Saturday morning and dispalys an array of cakes - almost always has a coconut cake among them.

        1. Lots of times you can find coconut (and other homemade) cakes at the NC Farmer's Market.

          For what it is worth, I don't recommend the coconut cake from the Fresh Mkt. - too dry for my tastes.