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Oct 30, 2008 10:49 AM

Tailgate appetizers to pair with red wine?

We're going to be grilling gourmet burgers later in the day, but I would like some suggestions of appetizers that can be made ahead of time that will pair well with various red wines. We obviously will have a cheese platter, but I would like a broader selection of offerings since we'll have people dropping by to tailgate all day.

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  1. lamb lollipops.
    they can be cooked the day before then sliced and brought to room temp just prior to the start of festivities.

    1. Meatballs
      proscuitto & melon
      figs & taleggio

      1. A faux mufaletta? Thinly sliced capicola, mortadella (with pistachios, if possible), Genoa salami, baked ham, and deli turkey layered with roasted red peppers, basil pesto, black olive tapenade between slices of foccacia. Wrap, weight overnight in fridge, slice into little squares. Toothpicks, if necessary. Yeah, probably necessary. Omit the cheese normally in a mufaletta, since you're having a cheese platter.

        Spicy or sweet/spicy mixed nuts.

        Ratatouille (with a fair amount of basil pesto stirred in) as the dollop for hollowed-out little potato halves, topping for bruschetta, an endive leaf.

        1. I just saw a nice recipe for Steak and Blue Cheese Bruschetta with tiny chunks of filet mixed w/ maybe basil and tomato (diced) over a blend of blue cheese/mayo/sour cream mix. I'm dieing to put it together.

          1. Red wine ? Are you tailgating at an equestrian match ?

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              That cracked me up! I was thinking about responding with "bologna roll ups, spraycheese fingers, and jello shots" but thought it would come out sounding sarcastic when I mean to be playful. Glad you broke the ice. I usually like Funyuns you can stack up on your ponynecked bud. Don't think they'll go with red wine, though. :)