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Dining after 10 PM in DC?

I am going to be attending the opera in Washington this coming Saturday night. It's an early curtain which will put me back out on the streets looking for a light dinner. Do DC hounders have any recommendations for late night (10:30 - 11?) light supper in DC?

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  1. Where abouts are you going to be? I have eaten at Jaleo after a show downtown before. It's tapas so it might fit your light meal criteria.

    1. Is there a particular location you are looking for? If not I believe Proof is open kind of late (didn't they release a late night menu for the weekends at some point?). You can get a glass or 2 of wine, a cheese platters and an appetizer.

      Also I really enjoy Bistro du Coin for late night dining.

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        Good idea, but just an FYI...we (2 of us) tried to get on a Friday night a couple weekends ago around 930 and were told it was an hour wait. Maybe it was just a really busy night.

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          At which restaurant? I imagine Bistro du Coin. It's one of the view restaurants serving full service late at night.

          Bistro Francais in Georgetown is also open real late.

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            Sorry about that...should have clarified. We tried to get into Proof around 930 on a Friday night and were told it was going to be an hour.

      2. Assuming the opera will be at the Kennedy Center, Bistro Francais, in Georgetown, will be your best late-dinner option.

        1. Old Ebbitt serves late

          1. Thanks everyone - these are all terrific options which all sound perfect. Thank you again.

            1. The Etheopian restaurants are always open late, and that fare can be pretty light if you choose. Cheap, too. But of course it depends on where you'll be for the show (Kennedy Center, I guess. Who else does opera in DC?) and how far you're willing to go for dinner afterward.

              1. I echo Bistro Francaise - won't chase you out - open much later. excellent rognon when I was last. and other bits.

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                  And if you decide you actually are hungry for a full meal they have a nice late-night special. 3 courses for probably around $25-35. A great deal.

                2. 'course if you want to go kinda dive-y theres always Full Kee on H NW and 6 open til like 3 AM or something (and after you're jacked on the palate buzz, there's usually a cheap bus to NYC out front for the impulsive)