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Oct 30, 2008 10:20 AM

raleigh - Saturday morning breakfast

Hi everyone. I have family coming into town for a wedding and they would like to meet up for breakfast on Saturday. They need to be ready for the wedding by two so I think I need to get them back to the hotel by Noon, which has me wondering... where can we go for breakfast / brunch that will meet the time frame? Type of food is not important but quality is. If it helps my favorite place for brunch in the area is Piedmont.

They are staying downtown so someplace within walking distance would be great. Poole's opens for brunch at 10:30 and is close to the hotel. Has anyone been and do you think we could get in and out in about an hour?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Poole's is great. However the only issue is timeliness. Having said that - if you get there right when they open, I'd imagine you'd fare better. The key is to get your order in before they all pile up, I believe. It's a great place with a cool vibe and good food.

    1. yes, poole's is an excellent choice. be sure to be there right away, as poole's is literally a slow-food joint.

      humble pie also has great brunches and is located downtown.

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        I was looking at Humble pie but from the web it looks like they only have brunch on sundays

      2. I was about to recommend Finch's in downtown Raleigh, local legend, but they take forever. So just a head's up in case you were considering them.

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          Thanks for the recommendation for Finch's. I have always wanted to go and never been. We went for breakfast last weekend and ended up at Bid Ed's. It was pretty good and my family enjoyed the band playing outside as well as our waitresses accent (they are from NY). Thanks for all the recs!

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            Biggest problem with Finch's is that the place is just plain nasty.

            1. re: goodeatsinadive

              Really? It's not shiny but it's not dirty either. I guess I haven't been in a while. Their service is damn slow though.

              1. re: fallingup

                Big Ed's at City Market is about as Raleigh -local as you can get. In fact, my husband and all our groomsmen had a wedding day breakfast there the day of our wedding 9 years ago! Nothing fancy, but good eatin'!