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Oct 30, 2008 10:19 AM

Labels Tables

I found myself driving down Pico Blvd and had to stop for a pastrami on rye. Years ago a friend of mine took me to Labels Tables. I remember that it was cheap and since I'm almost flat broke, I dropped the the dollar and hit 411.

Now there are a lot of delis on Pico. I passed by Factors, a place I have been meaning to try, but something told me that a valet means a $13+ sandwich. When I found Labels it was just as I remembered it from the college days; perfectly unadorned, straightforward menu and a line of hungry customers, even at 2 in the afternoon.

I missed the sign for the Brisket special and went for my latest go to; Pastrami on rye with mustard. I have spent years dressing up my Pastrami with cole slaw and thousand island. A friend suggested I go the mustard route and it was an epiphany. The mustard allows one to taste so much more of the pastrami.

So the sandwich arrived and it was a good sized beast. Not as piled high as some places but this was $8 and who needs to eat a pound of pastrami anyways? I love a big steak or burger but some delicatessens wreck there sandwich with the meat overkill.

All in all, a really solid sandwich. Great bread, just the right amount of mustard and plenty of pastrami to ensure bite after bite of perfect sandwich bliss. Now the one thing is that this Pastrami is lean. I didn't mind it but if you're looking for the fatty kind, you wont find it here, at least not on the sandwich that I got. It may not be the best in town, but Labels is the real deal, especially at $8 including tax.

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  1. Label's Table Deli is good. I always get a hot dog with mustard and relish, always very tastey. I haven't had their sandwiches, but I think I may try one this weekend after reading this, thanks!

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    1. Years ago, the Labels Table location in Calabasas (on Mulholland near Valley Circle/Calabasas Rd.) was a deli called the Nosh-O-Rama -- a great name in and of itself, but my son (now 22, then maybe 5) pronounced it "Wash-O-Mama," which is even better. I still call it that, though not when I'm in there for breakfast.

      1. I go here with my office every week. crusty rye. new pickles. juicy ass brisket too (but confirm with fella in charge). i wanna cut down some of those hard salamis on the ceiling...combo sandwich of that fresh brisket and swiss on the rye for about 8 bucks is solid. we like their dr browns selection and bunt cakes as well...the lox looks kinda lame i hate to say too pink and mushy but the matzoball soup is with that and half a sandwich...i agree with carly here too about the dog -- they do vienna beef on an onion roll, kraut pickles mustards whatever you want, pretty tasty dog...potato knish homade and good stuff...all and all my colleagues very happy when we go to this joint...good prices and nice folks that work there

        1. You can always order the pastrami fatty...they will cut it to order.

          1. Label's Tables has been a solid performer for years. Their deli and fish platters are really good too. They close at 3 PM, that's the only downside.

            Don't bother trying Factor's. I can't figure out why they are still around. They are a poor quality deli in an area that is pretty discerning.