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Oct 30, 2008 10:02 AM

Help Me Narrow My BA List

Chowhounds, I need help in narrowing down my list of restaurants for our 4 nights in BA in mid November.

After a lot of research, I have several that sound great, but we have only 4 nights!

Casa Cruz
647 Club
La Cabrera
Tomo I

Thanks for any help in making my decision!

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  1. I haven't been to all the places you mention (perhaps I should since I live here!) but I can say definitively that you won't go wrong with the 647 Club. Be sure to stop at the bar and have a drink since their cocktails are fantastic as well.

    1. glsebs, We are flying out of BA today after a true Chowhound journey. Highly recommend 647 Club. Amazing food. Other posts knock La Cabera as "touristy" but when dining there we were surrounded by locals. (Order just one steak dinner for two and order no sides or salads; they provide multiple plates of side dishes.) Great steaks. Add to your list Sette Bacco (Aguero 2157, Recoleta) a true Chowhound destination. For drinks, the Million Bar--nothing quite like it. Enjoy a great food journey!

      1. I would skip Tomo 1 if I were you. I took my husband there for his 60th birthday celebration and was so disappointed. It was in a shabby hotel and the dining room decor was really tired (unlike most of the restaurants that we went to,which had amazing,modernist design.) The menu was lackluster, and it was really expensive !! There are so many lovely dining experiences in BA, why waste your time here..

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          Parillo Pena at Rodriguez Pena 682 (682 Rodrigues Pina) is not touristy, great atmosphere, best steak - as if you get tire of hearing that - and downright reasonable. This place was recommended by our landlord here in BA and has proven to be the best meal we have had in 3 weeks of Argentina. It opens at 8pm nightly and a steady stream of locals parades through the door. The service is professional and the Argentine wine list amazing. If you ask the server to recommend a wine the choice will astound and the price will be pleasing. The phone number is 4371-5643 though they do not take reservations.

          In truth - I would say that our visit to Pena was a real highlight of the entire trip.

        2. I think you can definitely skip Casa Cruz and Tomo 1 - Casa Cruz is worth popping into for a drink, but in terms of food you could probably do better. Resto is fabulous. La Cabrera WAS full of tourists (mostly American) when I was there, but the steaks are pretty amazing so it doesn't really matter. For a more local parilla you could try La Dorita De Enfrente in Palermo Hollywood.

          My other top recommendations would be Thymus and Casa Felix.

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            Just came back from La Dorita. What an INCREDIBLE disappointment. The steaks were no better than at a Sizzler in the States. FAIR at best. Service was very weak and the dessert - chocolate mousse would be no better than something you buy at a supermarkete in the U.S. PLEASE ignore any reports about how great this place is. We found a place nearby called "Hilario" which is VERY casual but the food is ten times as good for a third the price. Don't encourage this restaurant. At BEST a 3.5 on a scale from 1-10!!!

            1. re: nycvegas

              For really good steaks, great winelist and ambiance, I'd go to Don Julio in Palermo - corner of Guatemala and Gurruchaga

          2. I hope i can be of some help with my experiences so far in BA. as i am here now.
            I have eaten so far in all of your list apart from Oviedo and La Cabrera. The two stand out experiences by far where 647 Dinner Club and Resto although both very different. Resto is a great lunch option, good food,good service and perfect for getting out of the midday sun(its over 90 here at the moment!!)
            647 is brilliant for a night time option. The food really was spectacular, the creativity of the plates mixed with incredible flavours was simply excelent. Also for such a hgh end place the atmosphere was very friendly.

            Good Luck.

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            1. re: HectorNYC

              Thanks all of you Chowhounds for your suggestions re my list. I e-mailed the concierge at the Park Hyatt for reservations for these restaurants:
              La Cabrera

              The only one I am not sure about is Piegare. Some acquaintances here recommended it very highly, but I have mostly read reviews here that said it was ok and pricey. We wanted one Italian meal in BA, so perhaps I should re think this one and go to some of the others mentioned like Sotto Voce, I Matterello, or Sette Bacco.

              Any opinions before we leave next week?