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Oct 30, 2008 10:01 AM

Frida at the Americana

I find it hard to recommend a burrito that was listed as a special for $10 and has sour cream in it. But in the case of Frida, I can. The burrito was really good, not a taco truck style burrito, but really good for one you have to eat with a knife and fork in a mall in Glendale. The Americana is not exactly the Ferry building of Los Angeles. But stuffing a burrito with bits of rib eye steak is really great way to sell your $10 burrito. It helps that it was massive too. The service was a bit of a joke. I had to get up and get my own water. There were like 20 waiters floating around looking like some of the shoppers they are supposed to be serving. "Is this the same Frida as the one in Beverly Hills?" "Yes" says the disinterested hostess. Im not making plans to go back, but if Im at the Americana, I just may have to drop the $10 again and remember to bring a water bottle.

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  1. I know this place is connected to the one in BH, but I have never had a meal at the Americana location that compares to the meals I've had at the BH location.

    1. I love this place and have always had pretty good service. The patio is fun for people watching, and the ribeye tacos are unbelievable. Good spot if you are at the Americana.

      1. We also had pretty bad service when we went to Frida. Plus the room was incredibly noisy and the decor jarring. The rib eye tacos I had were only fair. In addition, it seemed like everything else, for instance rice and beans, was extra cost. Seems like a cheesy practice for any Mexican restaurant. We won't go back. A far cry from the Frida in Beverly Hills.

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          "A far cry from the Frida in Beverly Hills."
          Maybe living near Highland Park spoils us, but we weren't all that wild about the BH location a couple of years ago either. Expensive and not even in the same league as places like My Taco, Chico's, El Huaraches Azteca. As for "gourmet" Mexican it also doesn't compare to La Serenata de Garibaldi.

          1. re: Briggs

            I think being on the east side definitely spoils on for Mexican food.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I have to say that eating at Frieda at the Americana was perhaps the worst Mexican food I have ever had. Really.

            Aside from the poor service, the food itself looked unappetizing, and tasted worse.