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Oct 30, 2008 08:53 AM

Cornerstone @ College & Euclid

Been a few times now, it's been open since early summer, where El Bodegon used to be. Sweet patio in the warm weather, kinda cozy inside for the cold times approaching. It's a neat little place, killer single malt scotch selection and a very nice Irish whisky selection too. Good, clean, fresh draught beer, heavy on the Irish ones.

I was in last night and checked out their new menu which, while offering nothing earth-shattering, is nicely well rounded for pub food, with my vegetarian drinking and dining parter having several choices beyond the tried and true standby of fries and salad. I've only had the 'Irish Nachos' (homemade potato chips in place of tortilla chips) the wings, and a mushroom/cheddar omelette, all of them were quite good.

Again, not a place to go if you're into five star dining. It's a pub. Good food, beer, whisky, a football match on the telly and a bit of socializing with the friendly bartenders is what you get.

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  1. Just an update. Was there last Sunday for the Arsenal / Chelsea match with a crew of Arsenal supporters. We got breakfast and a pint for $10! Two eggs any way, toast, homefries, sausage, back bacon or bacon. For $10. A nice way to start the day, especially when your team wins.

    So if you're an Arsenal fan, it's the place to be, right down to the jersey hanging above the TV. A nice alternative to Scallys methinks. They're playing all the matches either live or the rebroadcasts on Setanta. Combine that with the pint special during the match and it's all good.

    1. the only thing good at cornerstone is the deep fried pickles

      1. Hmm. Not being a gunners fan, went for the brekkie and it was acceptable. Beer ok. k Staff v/ nice. Home fries weirdly had chopped fresh green and red peppers, what is up with that? Better brekkie a The Main Event on Yonge at Eg where a real football team plays on the screeen...smackdown!