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Oct 30, 2008 08:43 AM

new downtown restaurants?

Hello fellow chowhounders,
I have someone coming in from out of town who will be staying in downtown LA. He would like suggestions for restaurants that have opened in the last year or so. I'm sure you guys will have some great suggestions. Any kind of restaurant!

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    1. Church and State is in a spectacular space, menu, tiny portions, loud vibe, slow kitchen and expensive for the product. Maybe will improve with a little time.

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        I went last Saturday and the food was better than it was during my previous visit. The chicken liver pate was fantastic.

      2. Not sure if this is a new one but I use to go to L'Angolo Cafe on 9th and Main when I worked at the CMC. They have a fantastic cobb salad...extremely fresh, delicious and fair prices. I hear they have a wine bar now too...

        1. Colori Kitchen. Bring your own wine, no corkage. Hearty and well priced Italian.

          1. I really like the Nickel Diner for breakfast.