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Oct 30, 2008 08:21 AM

Mediocre experience

We were surprised, after all the fuss, that Foxley's was so mediocre. Expecting something to die for, what we got was disappointing.
It's always difficult to decipher whether it would have seemed better had we not listened to all the fanfare about the restaurant. However, my wife is a very knowledgeable cuisineoid, and she passed on all the dishes after a few bites. The flavours were so bold and extreme that it was nearly impossible to get through even one of the tapas. The sauces made it impossible to taste the actual meats themselves. The pork belly, which is such a rich, delicate flavour, was completely decimated by a thick, sugary, sour, sauce that tasted like it was purchased in China town and dumped directly onto the plate of pork belly. Furthermore, when a giant hunk of pork belly is placed in front of one, it loses its allure. Generally smaller portions are more delectable for rich, somewhat grotesque (if stared at or too long) cuts of pig. The other dishes were forgettable. The salad was decent, but nothing spectacular. Perhaps someone could enlighten me as to why there has been so much hubbub about Foxley's? The decor is modern-casual-hip-chic, very similar to what's popping up all over town. It's the new corporate, I'd say.
Having said this, we will, however, go back to give it a second chance. I completely understand that a restaurant will have an 'off' night, and am willing to forgive once.

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  1. I am thinking it's because of Chef Thai's large if not massive following from his former posts plus the usual inexplicable hip factor, go figure. The food is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, although I agree with ya on the pork belly... I'm not sure if I am thinking the same dish I had, the one with hoisin-y, sugary sauce? Good thing I ordered two bowls of rice. I was actually thinking about how wrapping them with lettuce leaves would even out that strong hoisin-iness... But, that's just coming from a Korean guy, nevermind. LOVED and loved their dumplings and spicy frog legs! I'd gladly go back for my second in a heartbeat. ONLY if someone else is paying for me though, ha!