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Oct 30, 2008 08:20 AM

First time in London - Must eat restaurants?

Hi all -

I am a world travler and somehow never made it to London (ok, outside heathrow)! I am finally going with my mom and would love suggestions on the dinner/lunch places I should not miss while I'm there. We do love fancy restaurants - but I am moreso looking for the best food and most authentic london experiance.

Would love to hear people's suggestions!!!


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  1. There are heaps of fabulous restaurants in London so I am sure you will get lots of varied tips. As an "outsider" in London (I'm from Australia), three things that I think are unique eating experiences are London's Indian restaurants, afternoon or high tea and a "British" restaurant such as a gasto-pub or nose-to-tail type place.

    For Indian try Tayyabs at 83 FieldGate street in East London. It is really good and really cheap but be prepared to queue.

    The ultimate place to go for High Tea is the Ritz. You will need to book in advance. However, lots of other places also do afternoon tea with the works including the Tea Palace and The Connaught to name two.

    For "British" I would recommend Hereford Road at (where else) Hereford Road in Notting Hill. You can order things like a whole ox-tail to share. Great food.

    Hope this helps.

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      So many places....

      For tea try the Lanesborough as an alternative. The Wolsley is also nice.

      Get down to Kastoori or Dosa n Chutney in Tooting, South London for real cheap Indian/Sri Lankan eats.

    2. for the best snout to tail experience st john is a must
      the ledbury is cooking some of the best food in london right now, it is higher end food but great

      1. Le Gavroche is a wonderful experience and a London Landmark.
        The Rive Cafe is great at what it does.
        I'm also a big fan of the Wolseley.

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          Just to re-iterate what I already wrote.
          I was at Le Gavroche towards the end of last week and enjoyed a truely excellent and very memorable meal...
          I would have to say that it is now defiinitely my favourite restaurant in London.

        2. Had a fantastic lunch in Tom Aikens this week it's well worth a visit. St John in Farrington is great. Petersham Nursuries out in Richmond is worth a visit. We also had a amazing lunch from Ottolenghi in Notting Hill.

          1. If you are looking for London experiences..

            The Wolseley in Piccadilly for breakfast/brunch
            St. John in Farringdon for drinks/snacks and/or dinner (nose-to-tail eating)
            The Anchor & Hope in Waterloo for a gastro experience. (No bookings, so get there early.)
            The Eagle in Farringdon for the original gastropub experience (I thnk they're no bookings as well, so again, get there early)

            Then, outside of that, if my mom were here, I'd take her to...
            Fernandez & Wells for great sandwiches. Soho.
            Yauatcha in Soho for tea, pastries. Love the macaroons.
            The Golden Hind in Marylebone for fish and chips (BYOB, French wine shop Nicolas around the corner)
            Tea at The Ritz. Pricey, but really the nicest. But lots of tourists. Just so you know.

            Hope that helps!

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              Ten Ten Tei in Brewer Street, soho. Best sushi in the world!