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Oct 30, 2008 08:17 AM

La Riviera's croissant changed? M&S Conv Indian Lex

I haven't had La Riviera's croissants in over 9 months (Lexington branch only): despite multiple attempts I found them closed on weekends, out of croissants in early afternoon, etc. Today I went early and lucked out on a full case of ham/cheese, plain, and I think raspberry. The freezer selection was very sparse and mostly the jam-filled. However, with two ham and cheese I ate I found them much more doughly (they were almost exaggeratedly flaky) and very little butter flavor (this too was almost exaggerated before). There was a nice hint of pre-ferment, something I liked about L'Alouette's before and those were not particularly flakey (a bit spongy), but never bready. If I had tried it before leaving the store, I would have grabbed a plain for comparision which I didn't (and is the real test of a croissant). Still better than most locally, but not as good as L'Alouette or the earlier versions I tried there. I recall there are a couple of people that frequent them in Wellesley, have the croissants changed overall??

I also checked out the prepared Indian foods at M&S convenience next door. They appear to be prepared somewhere else and delivered. What they had looked nice, but at that hour of the morning the selection was tikka masala and tikka masala and also a fairly small portion for $7.95 (2 samosoas for $3). It does look like they normally have 5 dishes or so, plus some other prepared foods, but I gave it a pass for today.

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  1. I only tried L'Alouette once, and was disappointed that the very pricey frangipane tart had picked up all sorts of off-flavors while in the case. I prefer that my pear pastry not taste like salami, thank you very much. Have you had croissants from Quebrada, in Arlington? I loved their whole wheat croissants - especially the ham & cheese-filled - and liked them better than their white flour versions. But the last time I went there they weren't making them any longer. (I am not nearby and usually don't get there more than twice yearly). If you find out wherethe Indian food is from, please post. If it's from nearby Khushboo, it should be very good.

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      I can't imagine it's from Khushboo! They do their own takeout at the restaurant.

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        The food is from either Bollywood in East Lexington or Bombay Cafe in Boston. The little market is owned by the same entity. Seems to me they may have subsequently started getting all of their food from one or the other, but I forget which one. Actually, the last time I picked something up there, I didn't think it tasted like Bollywood's food, so that may be a clue. The selection is never great, alas, because the combo meals are a decent price.