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Oct 30, 2008 07:58 AM

Patisserie Claude "under new management"

I froze in my tracks this morning when I walked up and found the window and door covered with brown paper and a small sign in the window informing the public that they were closed for renovations. A moment laterr the door opened and Pablo, the man by Claude's side for many years walked out. I spoke to him briefly and he said that he was now in charge, that they were going to "fix the place up" and would reopen in a few weeks. I was to devastated to ask more questions. This may be the end of an era. I wished him good luck and walked off.

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  1. I think it's been reported that Claude was retiring at the end of the year, though I didn't realize it would be so soon. I'm actually glad one of his employees appears to have bought him out - at least the employees will still have jobs etc. Will you post back when you see it open again?

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      Yes, here's the link from 2 months ago announcing his retirement:

    2. We all knew Claude had to call it a day. This is actually good news, being that it'll go on instead of becoming a bank or a Marc Jacobs.

        1. What a relief !!!!
          The world's very best pain au chocolate ! I am optimistic that Pablo will keep up the high standards. He worked side by side with Claude for many years.
          Whoever first notices the re-opening, please post the same.

          1. Aiiiiiiiiiii! He was the greatest!!! the greatest croissants!!! the greatest coffee eclairs!!! And entitled to be a little cranky because he was so good and because he worked so hard to be so good. Glad Pablo will be there but it will not be the same. Good luck Claude, take good care of yourself . . . . Enjoy your swimming . . . .

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              this is probably the best possible outcome given the fact that claude has decided to retire.

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                i hope the quality stays the same...i really like this place