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Oct 30, 2008 07:10 AM

Price's Chicken Coop Charlotte- my fish story

ok, I know it is a legend so I thought I would stop by last Saturday around 11:30am. I wasn't interested in chicken so I ordered a fish sandwich- I guess that is a mistake at a CHICKEN restaurant! I will say it had loads of fried fish strips on it but it was room temperature! It was the worst fish sandwich ever- it made me long for Captain D's! Sadly, I tossed it . I also had ordered a bbq sanwich and it was large but again, not hot, just slightly warm.
I doubt I'll go back.

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  1. In all fairness to them, the "legend" is built around the fried chicken. Honestly I didn't even know they sold BBQ.

    1. If someone went to Paris, found the finest restaurant in all of France. If that person then ordered an enchilada and reported to me it was the worst meal that they had ever had in their entire life. I would have ZERO sympathy for them. In France, try the French food. At Price's have the CHICKEN? Its called Price's Chicken Coop not fish market for a reason. I myself am not a big fan of the chicken. Guess what, see those huge lines, if you and I don't come back - They don't care. At least I don't go back cause I find the chicken greasy and bland tasting. Your story sounds Fishy to me.

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        Stop being so subtle GFL. Just make your point and move on. It's funny, I don't think I've ever read anyone on CH who really raved about Price's. It's been a few years. Maybe I should give them another try and see what the fuss is about.

        1. re: southernitalian

          The problem with Price's is that if you don't eat it while it's hot, it's not good. And since there's no seating, it's hard to eat it while it's hot. I know, I know...take it to the park across the street but really, most of the time I don't want to eat my meal in a dusty lot.

            1. re: southernitalian

              I'm a non ashamed addict of Coop's chicken. I'll give you that it isn't all that great cold, but I've never had that problem there. I don't think it is terribly flavorful, but it's fried chicken! If you want non bland, get Bo's or Church's. To me, Price's is what fried chicken should be - juicy, greasy, fried goodness.

              1. re: friek

                The very best fried chicken I have had in Charlotte was at a restaurant called the Charleston House on the Plaza. Sadly they only do catering at this time . They once did a lunch buffet and this chicken was available everyday. Man it was fantastic.

                1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                  The best fried chicken in Charlotte is MINE! The second best is my Harris Teeter. With sriracha.

              2. re: southernitalian

                While I haven't been to Price's in several years, I will say that I loved it growing up and thought it was the best "restaurant" fried chicken out there. It was the only friedc hicken that I thought came close to my mother's (in fact I may have even thought it was slightly better ... but don't tell my mom that). The last time I had it, I thought it was awesome, but again, that was several years ago. I usually don't go out to get fried chicken because I'm very particular about it and compere it to home-cooked fired chicken, but the only other "restaurant" fried chicken that I thought was as good as Price's was The Coffee Cup's when it was it its old location. The last time I had that was probably about 2 or 3 years ago, though.

            2. My scary Price's story....

              I've eaten at Price's several times, and generally enjoy it. If I am going to eat fried chicken, I go to Price's. In addition to that, I love me some Chick-fil-a. A lot.

              I'm at Price's trying to decide what to get. I see "chicken sandwich" on the menu. Bingo. This place might blow Chick-fil-a out of the water (what would I do if that happen?). I get two of them because I am hungry. I rush back to my apartment and open up the wrappers. Grab the sandwich, then take a HUGE bite. BONE.

              Their chicken sandwich is friend chicken wings on a roll. I had to debone the chicken, then put it on the sandwich roll.


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              1. re: mikebmassey

                That's not a Price's thing. That's a Southern thing. I've seen it (and eaten it) in many "down home" type establishments.

                Still, couldn't hurt to warn folks on the menu.

                1. re: mikebmassey

                  You got a roll?? The last time I knew anyone to get the chicken sandwich at Prices, it was that fried chicken wing resting between two pieces of white bread! I thought it was just a handy way to soak up some of the oil that the chicken was fried in.
                  I have heard that they use peanut oil for thier frying.
                  And I still love Prices' chicken on occaision.