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Oct 30, 2008 06:48 AM

New Cooks Country Show - have you seen it?

Ok, so full disclosure - I am a huge fan of America's Test Kitchen. IMO it's hands down the best cooking show on TV for people who want to learn great fool-proof recipes (and, yes, I am OK with Chris Kimball). Now the same basic cast has a new show called Cooks Country. Anyone know if this a replacement for the old ATK show? Same basic format with a couple of recipes, tasting lab, equipment corner.

BTW, one of the recent shows featured Lexington style pulled pork. I made it for a neighborhood party last weekend. Now my neighbors are insisting I open up a BBQ place that features it. It was absolutely amazing and quite simple (2 hours in a weber with wood chips and then 3 hours in a low oven wrapped in foil). Elapsed time is long, but very little work.

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  1. I saw this show for the first time this past weekend, didn't catch the opening credits and just assumed that it was ATK with a new 'set'. Realised at the end credits that it was a new-ish show... Probably needed a re-work so they could tackle different types of recipes without alienating their core ATK lovin' audience. New Name, New Show, New Feel - "We aren't ATK! We're Cooks Country" sort of thing.

    Us producer types like to think we are so smart with this sort of thing; then I sit down on the couch as a consumer and realise how silly it really is.


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      To me, it looks like ATK with a studio audience. The recipes may be a little more rustic but it is essentially the same people doing the same things as they do on ATK.

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          Well, yes, definitely the same show. I am assuming that this show is a replacement for ATK. Not that I mind, but seems kind of silly to have both.

    2. I watched it 2 weeks in a row and never caught on that it wasn't ATK! Then I went to the PBS website to get a link, and it took me to Cook's Country. I was a little confused, but then realized that a few things had changed, but not enough to really stand out as being a NEW show.

      1. I rarely get to see ATK but thought it was a companion to Cooks Illustrated magazine. They also publish Cook's Country magazine so it could be a companion show for it. While not the same at all it is kind of their answer to Taste-of-Home.

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          You're exactly on target, that's precisely what the show is. I've seen a couple of episodes and I quite like it. They somehow seem to have slowed down just a touch and I like the emphasis on somewhat simpler food that reminds me of stuff my grandmother made a lot.

          1. The new Cook's Country show is a companion show to the Cook's Country magazine (as swamp guesses correctly). This is the debut season for the Cook's Country show. Anyone familiar with the magazine will recognize the cooking/recipes. The show has its own set on a farm in VT. The ATK show will continue as it has been (next season has already been filmed and is in post-production). But, yes, you will notice the hosts are largely similar. However, each magazine has its own distinct staff.

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              The thing that annoys me is that I have a subscription to Cooks Illustrated online which doesn't give me access to the Cook's Country recipes but the e-newsletter covers both magazines. So I get info about recipes I can't acces or save.

              Also, there is a tab for Cook's Country on the website (that I pay for) that I can't access.