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Oct 30, 2008 06:47 AM

Thanksgiving - Chevy Chase

Coming to DC for Thanksgiving. Will be staying at the Embassy Suites in Chevy Chase. Are there any neighborhood places within walking distance for coffee, lunch or dinner? Looking for something other than Starbucks/Cheesecake Factory.

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  1. Lia's on Willard
    Mei Wah on Willard

    Chains abound. Chipotle, Panera (best bet for breakfast in the area).

    There's a Chadwicks if you go south on Wisconsin.

    There is also Famosa and M Cafe, neither of which I've been to but they are up on Wisconsin in "the collection" or whatever it's called.

    1. M Cafe is very good for lunch or a light dinner.

      1. Clyde's is very good. On Wisconsin Ave. next to the metro stop. Good for drinks, lunch or dinner.