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Oct 30, 2008 06:16 AM

weekend in downtown pittsburgh

I'll be staying downtown and would appreciate recs for good ethnic (I eat everything) or otherwise interesting places to eat. I'll have a car so if there are any great places not to miss, I'd love to hear about those too. The only thing, I'm not into "fine dining". I did a search and found some great suggestions for breakfasts downtown so I'm mainly looking for lunch and dinner recs.


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  1. You might like to go to :
    Fatheads for good beer selection and Headwiches

    Church Brew Works for great beer and eclectic menu

    Penn Brewery for (surprise) more great beer and German food

    Max's Allegheny for ah, some beer and German food

    These are all just a short drive from downtown. They are not formal dining and not "slick" places that are pretending anything. These are not the only places around, especially on the South Side, but a representative selection.

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      Smiling Banana Leaf 5901 Bryant St Highland Park. very good Thai.
      Tram's Kitchen 4050 Penn Ave upper Lawrenceville near Bloomfield very good, quirky Vietnamese
      Green Mango 1109 S Braddock Ave Regent Square very good Thai
      if up for a longer excursion; Udipi Cafe 4141 Old Wm Penn Ave Monroeville
      Excellent Vegetarian South Indian

    2. Staying downtown and with "ethnic", you could try:
      Kaya in the strip ( - Caribbean themed
      Seviche ( - Tapas
      Six Penn ( - Not ethnic but real good food, good bar (and good Sunday brunch


      You can probably walk to all of these places

      1. walk up to the strip district and go to enrico's to buy biscotti that is hand-made on site and home-made food in the back...ask for the owner - larry...unforgettable.