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Oct 30, 2008 06:12 AM

Lovely lunch Lynnfield, Stoneham area?

ISO recommendation for a lovely weekday place to have lunch in this general area. Not pubby or cutsie historik, but really good food nicely presented in a warm atmostphere. Any suggestions?

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  1. Do a search on Wakefield as well as Reading. It's not my neck of the woods but I've read some good posts on restaurants in these towns..

    1. I am sitting here thinking of Lynnfield places - not many, that's for sure.
      However, in Saugus on Route 1 N are Orzo's (pasta) and Jimmy's(steak) and Out of Asia/

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        FYI - Orzo's, Rt 1 North in Saugus, is closed.

        1. re: shines

          No kidding? Gosh, I must be in la la land when I drive. Thanks for letting me know and so glad we used gift certificate to that place. have a great day.

      2. It's not quite the areas you mentioned but if you are willing to drive to Burlington there are three good choices for a "lovely lunch". All are right off the Rte 3A exits right before the Burlington Mall exit. They are the Capital Grille, L'Andana and Summer - Winter in the Burlington Marriott Hotel. Each of serve a very nice lunch with nice atmosphere too.

        1. Fecilia's in Stoneham is open for lunch. Not sure about the atmosphere part, but the food is very good Italian

          1. In Wakefield Sushi Island has wonderful sushi incl. some more unusual sushi items. The atmosphere is clean and modern and wood paneled., but not cushy. If chains are o.k.,there is a Panera bread just off rt. 1 in saugus in the marshall's/circuit city mini mall.a very tough search indeed.