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Oct 29, 2008 10:46 PM

Visitor needs help w/ a 'thank you' dinner

Hi Boston Hounds,

Hope you might be able to help me identify a suitable venue for a 'thank you' dinner. I've done a bit of searching, but I'm not really finding anything that fits the criteria I have to work with. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide as a result.

So as for these criteria I'm having trouble satisfying:
- My guest is a very conscientious diner who does not eat red meat or deep fried foods, prefers vegetarian or seafood options above all else, and can't handle anything that is overly spicy. Also, she doesn't seem to be a fan of Asian food.
- I'm willing to spend up to around $80pp before wine.
- Somewhere in the Dedham/Milton vicinity

As a reference point, I've been to Isabella's in Dedham Square and it would be great to find something cosy and quaint like that (the only reason I didn't choose Isabella's is because we've been there numerous times already).

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Not far from Dedham you could go to 10 Tables or Vee Vee in JP, both menus and places would serve this situation well and they're very reasonable. In Roslindale, I like Birch St. Bistro and Delfino's is a small Italian restaurant that's a little cramped but good food. I don't think there's anything in Milton.

    1. There isn't anything in Milton and the only place in Dedham that I can think of is Finz. I haven't tried the Dedham location but I really do enjoy the Finz in Salem.

      1. Is Needham too far to drive?

        Fava seems to be a possible choice.

        Also second the JP suggestions and Delfino's.

        1. I really like the Finz in Dedham for oysters, so much that I haven't explored much of the rest of the menu. It is brightly lit, though, and part of a hotel.

          Chiara Bistro in Westwood is one of my favorite area restaurants. It is not too far from Isabella's and definitely a notch above in food quality and atmosphere. The menu is limited, but there is usually a delicious vegetable soup and a fish or scallop entree. I would check the on-line menu, but they have been very gracious about change requests. If you called in advance they could probably help your guest enjoy a very special dinner. The service has been excellent, in my experience. My MIL lives nearby, and Chiara Bistro has supplanted Isabella's as our go-to special evening spot.

          Chiara Bistro
          Westwood, MA, Westwood, MA

          910 Washington St., Dedham, MA 02026

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            Finz is close to a hotel Holiday Inn, but not part of it at all. the parking lots might be back-to-back, but that's about it, it's a completely stand alone establishment.

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              Thanks for the information. I think Finz offers some of the better oysters for the price, just under $2.00/each, unless you show up for Sunday brunch...and then it is all you can eat :)

            2. I would second the recommendations of Chiara and Ten Tables. Two of our favorites. Zebra's in Medfield is a possibility, though a bit more of a drive. Bon Caldo in Norwood is within range as well.