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Oct 29, 2008 10:08 PM

Who's got the best Steak Tartar or Foie Gras in Town?

Steak tartar and foie gras are some of my favorite foods that I always look forward to when I go to a restaurant. I've been to Anisette, Patina, Melisse, La Cachette, etc. Curious to hear the opinions of my fellow Chowhounders where I can find some of the best in town.

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  1. How do you rank the places you have been to as far as these two items? Too bad Puck stopped serving foie gras. I always thought the version he did 4 ways at Spago was outstanding. Have you tried the steak tartare at Comme Ca?

    1. The first two restaurants that come to mind are:

      Ortolan - Fois Gras

      Comme Ca - steak tartare

      1. The steak tartare at The Grill on the Alley in B.H. seems to get rave reviews.

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        1. re: Debbie W

          I had it at the Grill in Hollywood and didn't care for it. They may make it differently at the Beverly Hills location. It was pre-made and they served it with rye bread which I thought was odd. We had it at the bar and it came out within 5 mins of ordering it which made me believe it's already pre-made in the kitchen.

        2. Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They also make it, old school, at your table.

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          1. re: arisp

            I agree with the Polo Lounge for Steak Tartare. I also like the fact that they make it tableside.

          2. My favorite steak tartare nowadays is at Fraiche in Culver City. They only serve it on the bar menu, which is a little silly.

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            1. re: heinous

              i find that silly too. why can't one have the steak tartare and the moules frites in the dining area? bah.