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Oct 29, 2008 07:11 PM

ISO Lebkuchen and other goodies

My mother-in-law is looking for lebkuchen. She's a regular at Atlantique but says they only have Bahlzen brand, which is not her favourite. She usually orders Schmidt directly from Germany but would love it if she could find some good stuff in town. Also stollen, with the marzipan in the middle - which I think is pretty widely available but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

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  1. I've had fantastic Stollen from Le Fromentier last December.

    I'm not sure about the Lebkuchen as we make the Luzerner-Swiss style ourselves, but maybe at the Boucherie du Marché or La Dépense in JT market?

    1. Actually you can find one of the best German Stollen in Montreal. At "La Mie Matinale".
      Its the third year i order my Stollen there. Its original German as it gets. They are a traditional bakery and they love their holiday treat!
      You can taste it.
      I always missed my Stollen most around Christmas . Every year i ended up disappointed by searched for a good one. There are a lot of names on the Internet - and a lot factory stuff.
      I am German and my hair goes up when i read the ingredients of some.
      Others i ordered was complete waste money.

      Now i have always have my Stollen back for Christmas. My friends from New York already order from them too. They deliver Canada and United States.

      If you want to find an original you should give it a try. They have a website:

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        That sounds lovely, mimine! Are they German? I used to be able to get excellent German-type bread on Beaubien just east of de Normanville - the baker was from here but had trained in Germany. It was taken over by Autour d'un pain, which subsequently moved a block east of there. It has decent bread, but nothing Germanic.

        1. re: lagatta

          Hello Lagatta,
          They have german relation, i think. I spoke with one german about the stollen. They have a good fruit cake too. But the Stollen is my Christmas all time favorite. Autour d'un pain is a chain or francaise now- the bread is delivered. I usually buy all daily bread from a real baker. Ok, i cook a lot myself and i am not much fan of ready food. Shame your bakery disappeared. The trained german baker probably learned to make a good Stollen, too!!

          1. re: mimine

            Yes, I know Autour d'un pain is a chain. But this boulangerie, before it became an Autour d'un pain outlet, was a real baker's with a big "pétrin" in the little shop. Do miss him.

            I cook just about everthing from scratch as well - was brought up that way - but bread is not really worth it for one person, and my heavy rye bread is TOO heavy, simply because I haven't made it often enough to perfect it.

            I'll have to make a visit to Atlantique, but I'll try La Mie matinale for a stollen. I eat practically no sugar, but will make a small exception, and want it to be special (and not too sweet).

            I'm a "friend of Goethe" and Goethe Institut has an event coming up involving "ecological giftwrapping", and Glühwein, Lebkuchen etc.


            1. re: lagatta

              I just wanted to mention that La Mie Matinale also has the best muffins I've ever had in this city. They are amazing.

              I will have to try the stollen!

              I believe the people running this bakery are French.

              1. re: mainsqueeze

                I dropped by "La Mie Matinale" on Friday morning and picked up one of their Stollen - they only had the large ones available. I have yet to try it but will let you know once I do!!

                BTW, there are 3 owners, one French, one German and I can't remember the nationality of the third...sorry!

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