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Oct 29, 2008 06:45 PM

reasonable spot for bridal shower

hi there - i'm the bride but my family is pretty unfamiliar with NYC restaurants and their idea of "reasonable" seems to be a lot lower than mine (I guess that's normal comparing a Longer Islander to a Manhattanite). any ideas on reasonable places to look at? I'm guessing they're hoping to spend no more than $40 a person including alcohol. thanks

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  1. Neighborhood? Will you consider weekend brunch? How many people? That will help us help you.

    1. Calle Ocho, Sunday Brunch...I've never spent more than 20 bucks there (that includes tip and tax). Sunday brunch has unlimited sangria (sangria bar set up...Selve serve..about 6 different types of sangria to choose from).

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        Thanks! I'll have them check out Calle Ocho. I've been there awhile ago and remember liking it. As for the above questions - any neighborhood is good and it will definitely be a weekend activity - brunch or lunch. We'll probably have about 35 people. Thanks!