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Oct 29, 2008 06:44 PM

Cupcakes at Stew Leonards

How do you like the cupcakes at Stew Leonards? I need some for a party and I don't want to spend a lot.


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  1. Are you a Costo member? They sell cupcakes that are the same size as their muffins (HUGE). Their cakes are excellent so I'd expect the cupcakes to be just as good. They're nicely decorated. $16 for 24.

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    1. re: MisterBill2

      I was just going to suggest the same thing. Costco cakes are VERY good. I've never had the cupcakes, but I would expect good things.
      The cupcakes from Stew's are decent, as are the cupcakes from Shoprite on Tuckahoe Road. If you decide to go to Shoprite, make sure to pick up some of their fried chicken (near the deli counter). It's VERY VERY good.

      1. re: CeeBee

        We just had some cakes for an event at my synagogue last weekend. We had carrot, vanilla and chocolate. People were AMAZED when I told them the prices - $19 the carrot cake, $17 for others, all 2 layer half sheet, nicely decorated (and customized).

        My son had the Costco cupcakes at school one time and said they were really good.

        I agree with you, I would not expect Stew's cupcakes to be any better than from your normal supermarket.

    2. Thanks for all your help! Follow-up:

      I've gotten the Costco cupcakes before and they are really good, just way too big. I really wanted mini-cupcakes because I thought the kids would be eating them too. I ended up getting some from Stew's and they were good. Not phenomenal, but better than store bought. I was happy with them and I would get cupcakes from there again.