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Oct 29, 2008 06:44 PM

A good selection of olives

Most places I check have the same bland selection of green/black/kalamata, that or a sketchy olive bar with all sorts of seasonings I could do without.

Where's the place to go for a good selection of gourmet olives? I know of places like Cheese Boutique and The Olive Pit, but I'm also wondering if there's something a bit more mid-range to scope out.


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  1. It may fall under your definition of "sketchy olive bar", but I find the olive bars at various vendors in SLM to be well-kept and reasonably priced. Some seasoned, some stuffed, but also lots of good plain olives of various sorts. I usually go to Scheffler's, but only because there's usually something else I want from them at the same time. :)

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      When I say sketchy olive bar, I mean ones that look sloppy, unkept, or less than fresh. I find this covers a lot of them, and tend to think the whole concept needs to be reconsidered.

      If anything, I'm just looking for more variety. There must be more than four olives out there. In fact I'm sure of it, since many of my cookbooks call for them. (Picholine, Ligurian, etc).

    2. The Ararat on north Avenue rd has excellent olives

      1. Fiesta Farms has a good olive/antipasto bar. Sometimes it is a bit sketchy (like late on a busy Saturday), but I've never had problems there.

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          Arz Fine Foods, Lawrence Ave. East has a wonderful selection of olives. They are happy to provide samples.

        2. There is a little place on Jones 1/2 block south of the Danforth on the East side. I;m not sure what it's called but it's run by a Turkish guy who imports directly. That's all he sells--olives and olive products. I've found them to be fairly good, but a bit salty (silly complaint...) so I put some in a bowl of water before serving and they've been lovely. There is a variety of flavoured, plain, green, black, sundried or not etc. Lots of oils and soaps too.

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            Unless he has moved, it's not 1/2 block south of Danforth Ave. Last time I checked, it's about a 5 second walk south.