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Oct 29, 2008 06:07 PM

Smithfield, NC???

I had a meeting in Smithfield today and was able to drive around a little. There were several places that looked interesting...searches on this board didn't turn up much though.

I did pop into The Chicken Barn on Bright Leaf - their signboard mentioned gizzards & livers, so I decided I might be hungry after all! Wow! Very tasty, nice light, crunchy crust. Cooked perfectly. I opted out of the sides, so can't report on them. It is an older fast food sort of place, with a counter to place your order and a half dozen or so small booths. Even at a non-meal time of day there were six or so people waiting for their order.

I spotted Mozelles Soul Food on 3rd, two hot dog/burger takeout places - the one on Market was very busy (Cricketts perhaps?). The Little Brown Jug on Market by the river looked intriguing, not sure if it is a bar or if they serve food too. The local newspaper listed a number of delicious sounding Church dinners for the weekend. Seems like some good possibilities!

Is there anyone who has explored this area and can share their experiences?


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  1. Meatn3;
    I'm going to Smithfield next week for a dog show. A good friend from Texas will be there so I'd like for her to have good 'cue.
    Here are some places I'm thinking about:
    White Swan - 'cue traditional
    Sabor Latino- cuban-central american
    Eden's Vegetarian- southern style, these places can have awesome cooks.

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    1. re: Rory

      Thanks! I had seen mention of Sabor Latino on another thread, but there wasn't a report...
      It sounds intriguing!

      1. re: meatn3

        Sabor Latino is no longer there on Brightleaf. Don't know if they closed or just moved...

    2. With the chicken barn is Hills o'Snow sno kones which are a real treat.

      Across the street is Millies, which is strickly stand at the window take-out. Try the country food here if it suits you, I mean not hot dogs or hamburgers (though I like them), but the hog jowls and greens.

      White Swan used to be quite decent, but it's been a bit since I went.

      There is a country-buffet style restaurant whose name I am blanking on, a few miles south of the chicken barn on bus.301. It should have a LOT of cars in the parking lot.

      1. White Swan BBQ is still very good; their fried chicken is outstanding.

        Little Brown Jug is more of a bar; not sure about their food but their beer is good & cold.

        The seafood (fried) at Barbee's Seafood Market (and restaurant) used to be pretty good, but there's another place in the old Rose Manor Shopping Center that also has great seafood although it's fried as well.

        Stop in at Johnston County Hams and buy a country ham; they'll ship it to you. Excellent.