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Oct 29, 2008 05:11 PM

cocktails in Sunnyside?

Can anyone recommend me a nice low-key, perhaps even loungy, spot in Sunnyside for cocktails? It doesn't have to be Little Branch but aside from the sports bars and Irish pubs, it doesn't seem like there's a lot out here.

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  1. There are no loungy, low key spots you speak of. They're all Irish pubs or sports bars, or dumps. Your best shot might be Quaint? They have a bar, it's certainly low-key. It's a restaurant but there's a large bar you can sit at. The food's not bad either. I've also read on this board that you can get a good cocktail at Dazie's, but that the food stinks. I think that's you're best bet for the neighborhood. Otherwise head to LIC or Astoria.

    1. They have a very attractive Lounge. The restaurant was renovated about a year ago. 4508 Queens Blvd.

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        I second Sidetracks, it's got a lounge vibe w/out the attitude. Very friendly bar staff.

      2. I agree; a cocktail is difficult in Sunnyside. The heavy-duty Irish bars are really tuned to beer/wine/shots, and are pretty interchangeable it seems. PJ Horgan's is a long-established restaurant with a fairly enjoyable bar of locals; they can sometimes approximate a basic cocktail because they get an older, mixed clientele. Dazie's is enjoyable if you get the right bartender and enjoy the shlock value. There's a piano player there sometimes. (Th-Su?) Quaint might be a choice; I've been there once and it seemed like the bartender was passable, tho as another poster said, it is a restaurant. Sidetracks is way too hyper/disco/flatscreen tv for me.

        1. Thanks for the info everyone. I know of places in LIC and Astoria but I'm trying to see what's what in my new nabe. Sidetracks looks like it might be a little much but is definitely worth a shot. Quaint looks much better but it is a restaurant. I'll be sure to hit them both.

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              bar 43 is a sports bar and feels more fratty than loungy to me.

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                I've been there a few times and it's not really a loungey type place. Definitely a great spot to catch a football game, though!

            2. I just asked the contractors working on the space at the corner of 46th St. and Skillman and they told me it is going to become a wine bar. Looking in, it appears they are not too far away from being done with the renovations. Not sure it fits your bill, especially because it has not opened yet, but I thought you might be interested.

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                Oh, cool! Yeah this was for Saturday night but I'll keep an eye on that space since I live right up the street.