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Oct 29, 2008 05:05 PM

Wine and Cheese in Paris

We are going to Paris in less that 4 weeks and have been doing a lot of research on wine. Some companies are offering wine and cheese at selected venues. The price for 5 wine tastes and some cheese for a couple of hours costing 50 euros per person. A little steep I think.

I know there are wine bars and cheese places, are there any suggestions of fabulous places to visit that offer both cheese and wine. The more local, less glamorous and less tourist the better. Even better if micro brew beers are thrown in.

Also any great suggestions on places to eat?, I remember many years ago going to a really little place, where you sat on benches, just cannot remember the place. the food and wine was great and really inexpensive. I know things have changed, but there must be some hidden gems in Paris, that only the locals know about.

Lastly if anyone has any suggestions on unusual things to do, related to food and drink etc, jot it down. My husband is a foody drinker and this is his first time to Paris, I want it to be so memorable

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  1. I hate to vouch for the competition, but this does not sound expensive by any standard. In general, I must say that the chances of getting really inexpensive really good food in Paris are very low, outside of bakeries that is.

    That said, you can try Le Jeu de Quilles rue Boulard, seems to fit the bill more or less. See also Fish/La Dernière Goutte/Cosi in the 6th. And Les Papilles rue Gay Lussac.

    Great cheeses are usually sold separately. There are decent cheese shops all over the city but the really best are Cantin, Dubois and Alléosse. Quatrehomme is best value, Androuet is reliable not cheap.

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      Hi souphie - followed an older thread on the best cheese places in Paris and wondered where to find the best Chaource?

    2. Buy your wine, buy your cheese. You will always do better on price and selection.
      Have a lovely lunch in a park or your apartment or room. Bench place sounds like Polidor, still there, still tired, friendly but tired. Pudlo guides list a good cheese store in almost every arrondisement, take a look. Even Galleries LaFayette has a very big selection and a great wine department as well.

      1. My faves for lo-fi, hi-quality fun:

        Verre Volé in 10e. Boissonerie in the 6e.
        Barthelemy cheese shop in 7e.
        Rue de Buci + la Palette nearby (Rue Bonaparte?) for drinks
        Paul Boulangerie (various locations) for tartes (fruits rouges!) and baguettes

        1. Le Rubis, on Marche St. Honore, is a wine bar we have frequented for more years than I care to recall. It never seems to change; just great wines, often unlabeled, and fine cheese and rillettes etc. Some language skill would be handy; this is a local's spot, catering to nearby office workers, merchants and residents. It's tiny, so go at off hours if possible.

          1. One venue offering Paris wine and cheese tastings is quite different than what ogh1 describes in the original post. Paris on Your Plate ( provides four full glasses of wine (rather than 5 "tastes") and fifteen cheeses (rather than "some"), all from one of Paris' top fromageries. Plus great fun and knowledge. And for 40 euros rather than the 50 mentioned by ogh1. Check it out.