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Oct 29, 2008 04:43 PM

Totally confused about who owns what

Within an hour's drive we have: Zehrs; Sobeys; Foodland; Price Chopper; The Independent; Food Basics; No Frills, and I think, Owen Sound still has an A&P. There is no SuperStore in the area. Who else is there, who owns what, and how many corporations control mass food marketing in Ontario/Canada and what marques do they own?

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  1. No Frills, Zehr's and the Independepent are supplied by Loblaws (in my area). All controlled by Weston, which has many brands within: Dempster, Olivieri to name two.
    A&P, Food Basics, and Dominion are controlled by Metro, a Quebec firm.
    Sobey's, from the east coast, also has Price Chopper as a lower cost outlet.
    I don't know anything about Foodland, but it seems to be connected to Sobey's and IGA which was known as Independent Grocers's Association years ago.

    Sams, Wal Mart, and Costco are also right in there competing for food dollars.
    Canadian Tire is venturing in, with two test stores, and Shoppers Drug Mart has recently added food lines.

    The one to watch out for is T&T, a very well run Asian chain, with about 6 stores each in lower B.C., Alberta, and GTA. If they ever decide to expand, some of the mainstreamers will be in big trouble!