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Good burgers?

I posted this in "the best" area but got no responses and I can't imagine people don't have some feelings about this!

I'm trying to find the best burger (or some ideas!) in the city. Lots of people say Corner Bistro but then the NYMag says it's actually overrated. Any ideas would be really welcomed.


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  1. This is actually a very popular/controversial topic around these parts...have you tried running a search on "burger" on this board?

    This should get you started (177 replies as I write this!) http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/234881

    Happy burger eating

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        Have to agree - enjoy shake shake to most, but also enjoy burgers from Five Guys

        1. The Burger Joint at Le Meridian (Five Guys is great, but I don't think they're in NY)

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            five guys in on 55th between 5th&6th. but my pref would be burger joint. itwould be like comparing chopped liver to fois gras

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              I don't know what the fuss is with burger joint. Way overpriced and overrated.

              1. re: steakrules85

                I agree. The burgerI and the fries were just so-so. Wait in line for that? Never again.

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                The Burger joint is good but 5 guys and the shake shack are better

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                  Five Guys has 5-6 locations in NYC, incl. Queens and Brooklyn. Although I still prefer the nearby Shake Shack.

                2. I am almost afraid to mention it...Blue 9 Burger. Best burger day and night. Mango Chili sauce rocks!

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                    I tried the Blue 9 not long ago (medieval), and was quite disappointed. I thought the burger was closer to McDonalds(!) than to the Shack/5Guys/BJoint. Expected much better after reading so many rave reviews for it, but it was a fairly bland, not-very-juicy burger.

                  2. just tried five napkin burger and thought it was pretty good.

                    1. I really like BLT Burger. The mix of meats they grind together is delicious.

                      1. Here's my top Burgers: Brooklyn Diner ($16), well worth the price... big burger, vermont cheddar, smokehouse bacon, frizzled onions all on buttered and grilled brioche bun...fries are lackluster but this is one delicious grease bomb (photo attached)

                        Burger Joint ($6.50) also well worth the experience and the price. Its a simply prepared burger thats simply delicious. Shoulder steak singed over an open flame, two kinds of cheddar and the works (L/T/red onion/mayo/mustard/ketchup/pickles). Fries, similar to mcdonalds, but better, come in a brown paper bag. Make sure you call ahead and cut the line when you get there.

                        Here's some other great burgers: Houston's, Harriets Kitchen UWS, Virgil's Real BBQ, Peter Luger's (for lunch), Veselka (good diner burger)

                        You can see photos of all these delicious burgers on my review site, accessed through my username...

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                          nycfoodguy do you mean you can call ahead to place you order? bjnt doesn"t take reservations , do they?

                          1. re: PAULSCOHEN

                            He means call ahead with your order. Not sure about the cutting in line, however. I always thought you have to wait like everyone else even for phone orders, though there's a window on the side where you can pick up your food if you've already paid.

                            PS: Second the Houston's and Brooklyn Diner suggestions.

                            1. re: a_and_w

                              I would have to say my top burgers are:

                              - Shake Shack - still holds the crown for me
                              - Market Table - my "fancy" burger favorite
                              - Paul's - great cheap burger, though it is steamed more than griddled and lacks char
                              - Burger Joint - used to be a contender for tops, but is on the decline these days
                              - Daddy-O - fantastic bacon cheeseburger and under appreciated
                              - Soda - bar in Brooklyn serving a big beefy burger sure to fill you up
                              - Five Guys - a good fast food burger, but overrated in my opinion
                              - P.J. Clarkes - a bit pricey for what you get, but consistent and tasty
                              - Island Burgers and Shakes - Good burgers, but really just impressive for the toppings

                              IMO, Corner Bistro is overrated. If you need to season your own burger a restaurant then that's a problem.


                        2. I'm actually not a fan of 5 guys - they give you a lot for the money, but only cook it one way - also, i'm not a fan of the fry's. If you are looking for a similar type burger place, i would recommend goodburger - they have a bunch of locations in the city - the burgers are Awesome!! and their fry's are great!! and you can pick how well you want the meat cooked.

                          1. Not sure if you're still looking for this, and I know it's not Manhattan, but I had one of the best dang burgers I've ever had at a little bar in Brooklyn - The Dram Shop.


                            1. There are so many posts on best burgers on Chowhound. In any case, seems different folks like different type burgers. New Yorkers surely have different taste on burgers than out of towners. My choices for burgers in restaurants are Walker's, Big Nicks, Soupburg. Ive had most of the others and these are most to my likeing. Bouley upstairs has a good burger but its too bloody for me. Cercle Rouge has a good salmon burger.

                              1. I think the burger at the Spotted Pig is awesome!! The brioche bun is amazing, the meat is great, and the blue cheese ties the whole thing together. i don't get why so many i've spoken to hate on the burger at the Spotted Pig.. Corner bistro is a basic burger, nothing special, don't believe the hype.

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                                  I pass teh spotted pig all the time.. Never tried it , I think i'll try their burgers , sounds good

                                2. Ottomanelli's.

                                  Soup Burg.