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Oct 29, 2008 04:28 PM

delivery/takeout in the Lakewood neighborhood of Cleveland?

Hey Ohio hounds -

A dear friend is a new daddy and I assume he and his beloved are drowning in adorable baby gifts. I'd like to buy something for them - dinner! But, since I don't live in the Cleveland area I don't really know what's good. They live in Lakewood and, in my fantasy world, the place would deliver. If it doesn't, takeout would also work, if it's not too far away. I can't go too high-end - a $50 gift certificate should be substantial at whatever place I end up with. Any ideas? Any details you need that I left out?

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  1. despite dense population, little delivery outside pizza.

    dine in or takeout, no delivery. very tasty, hot spot (rightfully do). They will not be disappointed:

    have not been, good rep:

    good pizza:

    outstanding soups and slads to go, Souper Market, Lakewood':

    Lakewood is reasonably compact so most of these places would be less than 10 minutes away no matter where they live

    1. Aladdin's is great as their food is healthy, which is hard to remember to eat when you're dealing with a new baby.

      Dewey's pizza is a relatively new pizza place that is getting rave reviews.

      There's always Donato's pizza if you really want delivery.

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        Agree Aladdin's is a great idea if they want to eat healthy

      2. Players, as mentioned, is exceptional. Normally don't get out of there under $100 for two, but without wine $50 would come close. I think they have specials to go--check their site.

        Angelos for pizza is fantastic! And Aladdin's is very good if they like that type of food.

        For other ideas, check a delivery service such as

        1. Thanks so much! You guys are awesome. I had seen some of these names before, but just couldn't find enough information online to feel comfortable choosing. Now I feel equipped to make a decision. And I'd never even heard of!

          1. Buckeye Beer Engine - So far, I've had the pot roast sandwich, schnitzel sandwich and hot dog on a pretzel bun. Also wings and "pig wings" (ribs). Everything was good. All the accompaniments were good too: dressings, wings, chips... The beer selection looks ambitious but I don't know the first the about beer. The menu seems like a good match for a bar but it's not dull. Things taste like they're made from scratch and the menu mentions at least one local purveyor. I also checked out their brunch menu and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to try it.

            El Tango Taqueria - There are a lot of great dishes here. The pork dish, the beef dish... But my favorites are the green chile stew and the pork tacos. The salsas are good. The mushroom quesadilla. I've heard complaints about service but I think some staff changes have addressed that. On the other hand, the last time I went there were some food changes that I wasn't thrilled with. He seems to be continually tweaking the recipes. Personally, I like that but it means some meals may not be as good as some others. Still, the best meals I've had there have been perfect - as good as any food I've had of any kind anywhere.

            El Tango Taqueria
            14224 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

            Buckeye Beer Engine
            15315 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107