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Oct 29, 2008 03:55 PM

Unusual food / wild game dinner?

Last year I took my boyfriend to Butterfield9 for a wild game tasting menu for his birthday. He loves unusual food and wild game. I'm trying to think of a good place to take him this year in DC or anywhere in Northern Virginia. I'd prefer to keep it upscale, but am open to all suggestions. Thank you chowhounds!

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  1. Blue Duck has bone marrow, duck, veal, sweetbreads... not very wild, but very well prepared. Central and Buck's Fishing and Camping both have rabbit, the rabbit at Central is very good. I don't know anywhere that has really interesting game, but would love to hear if someone else knows.

    1. Blue Duck Tavern is a good choice. I would also consider Restaurant Eve (I haven't been to the tasting room but I hear they have lots of interesting meats--tail to trout type offerings among others) or maybe Equinox.

      1. Speaking of unusual food and wild can give this a shot :)

        1. Crown of Serbia in great falls has wild game on its menu. The food's not as good as Blue Duck though. If your boyfriend likes vodka shots, then it's worth considering.

          1. It's probably not quite what you're thinking of, but just in case: One of my favorite Virginia wineries, Pearmund Cellars in Warrenton, is having a wild game dinner on Nov. 15. Here's the menu: .

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              that is the best idea ever, we went to pearmund a few months ago and loved it. i just got on their waiting list, i'm third in line and they haven't had any cancellations yet. i'm disappointed, that is really the most perfect idea. back to the drawing board.

              1. re: sarahinthecity

                Well, I'm pleased that you like the idea :-). Maybe it will work out yet. We've been to their annual wild game dinner for the last few years and really enjoyed it. This time, though, we have a conflict and can't make it.