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Oct 29, 2008 02:53 PM

Casual drinks, beer and grub [SEA]

Looking for a place to have folks meet for my birthday on a Saturday night (will start by 6pm and end early to get home to the toddler). Some of us love beer and some of us love drinks. All of us love food. Probably 8 people or so max. Nothing needing a reservation (as arrival times will differ). Would love to find something in West Seattle, Georgetown or Capitol Hill. Searched the board and found the following possible places - can anyone comment or make other suggestions??

Liberty on Cap Hill/15th
Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack (Georgetown)
Prost (West Seattle)
Licorous (I LOVE this place but think it is probably too small to take up space waiting for folks to come)


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    1. Love Slim's, but I think they often have bands on weekends. might not be too casual.

      If Georgetown is calling, I'd recommend on the places on the Airport Way strip.
      Smarty Pants might be best for drinks and food. (lotsa cheap beers, and a good drinkin atmosphere)
      Stellar Pizza would work (although I don't love their pizza)
      Never been to Jules Mae, but the could be good too.

      For Cap Hill, I think Smith might be the best call for the beer and food lover.

      Thinking about it more, if I were you, I'd probably grab a table and hold court at Smith for the night.

      1. Quinns (10th & Pike) has a great back room bar where people could meet and nosh while you wait for a dinner reservation in the restaurant. The bar is modern industrial w/ usually a dj spinning something and a trendy crowd. it's huge too.

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          That's great news about Quinns! I've been wanting to go there but heard the lines can be long for dinner. The bar would be perfect.

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            Can you order off the Quinn's menu? There isn't a separate menu on the Quinn's website...

          2. Yeah Sole Repair (the bar behind quinn's) is a good idea.

            Also Smith is a good suggestion.

            I would steer away from liberty--it is mostly cocktails and not as celebration-y of atmosphere.