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Oct 29, 2008 02:20 PM

hawaii-raised turkey or poultry?

does anyone know if there is anyone left raising turkey or other poultry in the islands? i'm trying to do a "traditional" thanksgiving but with locally raised & grown foods.

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  1. You can get Blue Lotus farms chicken at the KCC markets.

    1. I always see chickens running around Tantalus!

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      1. re: UES Mayor

        They are the scourge of our neighborhood! Come and get 'em! We also have those peacocks
        that scream and wail. I've not seen turkeys per se except maybe on Molokai where there
        are wild turkeys and folks do hunt them.

      2. a couple of ideas, first would be to call the local "health food" places (down to earth, umeki market, kokua co-op). They would be likely to know where to get locally raised poultry even if they don't carry it.

        I also found this link, it has a couple of listings that may be good leads

        1. I've been looking for locally raised muscovy ducks, too. I see them sold on Craigslist (maybe as pets) but never in farmer's markets or grocery stores. Whole Foods' ducks are frozen and shipped from CA (white pekin duck breed). Any leads?