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Oct 29, 2008 01:21 PM

Where to Buy Pumpkin Pie?

Big raucus family has requested that we urbanites from the northeast bring a pumpkin pie or two to a thanksgiving gathering. So, any opinions about the best place to purchase said pie in the Boston area (and no, I don't want to make my own). Thanks in advance!

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  1. Community Servings "sells" pies that have been donated by local bakeries and makes them available for pick-up around Boston and vicinity in the days before Thanksgiving. That's what I do to supplement the pies that we make at home.

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      Those pies are good. Last week, I got a pumpkin one at Honeypot Orchards that was delish.

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        We do this every year as well, and have never been disappointed. Fantastic organization as well.

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          I'll 4th them as a good source. We volunteered for them one year to help package their pies for delivery, and we got "paid" with slices of the pie that got damaged in the packing process (which thankfully included a variety of their pies). :) One the best gigs ever - paid or not!

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            Here's another vote for Community Servings - the only reason we don't get pies from them any more is that I really LOVE baking my own! When we did get pies from them they were always very good - especially the pumpkin.

          2. Northeast Regional Vocational Technical High School in Wakefield has a wonderful bakery. All the items are made by the students who are supervised by the staff. Call ahead to inquire about reserving one. The number is 781-246-0810. Also, they have terrific daily lunches open to the public from 11 to 1.

            1. I will probably get flamed for this, but we love Costco pumpkin pies. We get them every year.

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                I'm feeling like I might get flamed for my suggestion too, but I really like the Pumpkin Pie's that Stop & Shop makes, they top them with a maple syrup glaze...MMMMM!

              2. Petsi Pies in Somerville and Cambridge - her sweet potato pie, from a Southern family recipe, is wonderful too.

                1. Costco makes a large, tasty and very respectable PP for $5.99.