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Oct 29, 2008 11:50 AM


Im having a Halloween party in Culver City, and I am trying to find one of those people who sell bacon wrapped hotdogs from a little cart to work at my party.

Any suggestions?

I've seen them all over silverlake, but I need one on the westside.

If that doesn't work, I'd love to find someone to make street tacos!

You know, those super good ones made from a little grill that they have all over east LA.

Im in Culver city, so it's been tough...

Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes, Rudy at Tu Tacos.

    For some reason, my review of Tu Tacos doesn't show up on that page, so here's mine:

    I hired Tu Tacos for a baby shower this past weekend and was very happy that I did. Rudy showed up early - does that ever happen? - and as promised, provided some of the best tacos I've ever had, and I've had a lot.

    Our guests raved about the tacos - asada, pastor and chicken. The pastor was amazing and the asada was easily the best I've ever had. Flavorful and moist, everything that asada generally ISN'T at most taquerias. Included with the tacos was beans, rice, plus a full salsa bar that included radish, two kinds of salsa, guacamole crema, cheese...the works!

    He also provided bacon-wrapped hot dogs for the kids - they were a hit with the adults, too! Plus they left all of the leftovers for us to enjoy, I know what I'm having for lunch today!

    I highly recommend Rudy and Tu Tacos - the price, the quality and the service were all A+ - I have to say he far exceeded my expectations and helped to make it a perfect party.

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      wow, that sounds great!

      was he expensive?

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          I contacted several different outfits for prices and he was right in the middle in terms of price. For 50 people, I think it was $350 for the tacos: three kinds of meat (you choose), beans, rice, full salsa bar plus all of the paper goods *and* you get to keep all of the leftovers, of which there were tons: we split the stuff up between 3 families and it was enough for several meals for each.

          We added the bacon wrapped dogs for an extra charge (I can't remember how much those were now) and a few other things, but even still I felt the price was worth it considering that I had to do nothing. They set up, they cleaned up...all we had to do was eat.

      2. Where do you see these hot dog carts all over Silver Lake, I would love to know where they are? I could use one right now!

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          I like the bacon wrapped hot dogs sold by a vendor named "Pablo." At least his old cart said that, but I don't think his new cart has his name. He's by the sidewalk on the street that the entrance to B&B hardware's parking lot. I don't know his exact hours, but I think he's there Monday through Saturday in the lunch-afternoon. I like his plump bacon wrapped dogs with all the fixing. He's got grilled onions and a chunky avocado guacamole that he puts on his dogs that is sublime. I'd think you'd have to talk to the guy in person to work something out. I have no idea if he'd go for the job or not. He's a nice guy so if you can I'd give it a shot. Good luck!

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              Thanks for the back up "Burger Boy." I did feel a hankering this Saturday and got one with everything and a Pepsi from Mexico. I should have known better (from past experience), but it was so good I decided to get another hot dog. Those babies are filling.

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            There's a great one in Echo Park on Sunset at the Meghna gas station almost every night after 10.

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              Is there a cross street or a landmark I can use to find it. Thank You.

          2. The original comment has been removed