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Oct 29, 2008 11:37 AM

chic-casual sunday brunch~

one of my best friends just got engaged and i'm looking for a cute-chic (but not expensive) place for brunch. just a small group of 5 or 6 girls... so far i'm thinking of:

cafe verona
square one

any advice pLEEEASE??!! :) much appreciated~

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  1. personally i love cafe verona. small, peaceful, quiet atmosphere. and the food tastes so fresh! love thier coffee as well.

    1. Joe's for sure, Anisette (although this can get pricey depending how you order), or perhaps Jin Patisserie for afternoon tea

      1. i vote campanile....the food is soooooo good

        1. campanile and joe's would be two at which you couldn't go wrong, but not sure what expensive means... campanile certainly isn't cheap...

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          1. re: Emme

            Campanile brunch runs from around $12 to $17 for most everything on their menu.

            1. re: Servorg

              is it really that reasonable? i feel like when we were there in july, it was a more expensive venture... i'll have to ask the SO, but maybe it was because we were a group of four...

              1. re: Emme

                Hi Emme. I know what you mean. I think that what happens is with drinks, (depending of course on what you drink) it makes the tab jump up to the next level. I do think their brunch is one of the best meals at Campanile (I just haven't had much luck at dinner - although I have not tried one of their special meal nights like grilled cheese, etc.).

                1. re: Servorg

                  i agree the brunch is the best meal served. i really won't go there for dinner anymore, or at least not when i choose the restaurant.

          2. Square One Dining or Jar